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Why Your Mind Seems to Struggle with Healthy Habits

By WLC Admin
Thursday, 10 November 2016

Struggle with Healthy Habits Why does it feel as though the struggle with healthy habits is between us and our own minds? If these behaviors are so good for us, why does the brain seem to want to go a different ....

Is Your Immune System Weakening? How to Give it a Boost

By WLC Admin
Friday, 08 July 2016

immune system weakeningYour body does pretty impressive work every day in making sure you’re kept safe against disease. However, there are several immune system weakening factors that can make its efforts less effective. If your body fails to protect you, bacteria, ....

Losing Weight Can Bring Asthma Relief to Patients

By WLC Admin
Thursday, 31 December 2015

Asthma ReliefWeight loss can significantly lower incidences of asthma attacks. So, if you are an asthma patient, don’t be surprised if your doctor puts you on the weighing scale. Studies show there is almost a 48% to even 100% reduction of ....

The Most Common Causes of Fever Without Symptoms

By WLC Admin
Friday, 24 July 2015

Fever Without SymptomsWe tend to think of fevers as something that affects only children, but many of us know otherwise. If you are somebody who has suffered from a fever at any point in time then you know firsthand that this ....

The Best Ways to Avoid BPA in the Products You Use

By WLC Admin
Friday, 24 July 2015

avoid BPAYou hear about so many products out on the market that can just cause so many problems in your health and your life. You may do your part to avoid such products, though it may be harder than you ....

The Benefits of Moringa Powder

By WLC Admin
Thursday, 09 July 2015

Moringa PowderThe Moringa plant is native to the Himalayan territories of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the tropics. Moringa is a powerful health enhancing plant and its leaves, flowers, bark, seeds, fruits and roots are used for making medicine. As ....

Obesity May Increase Type 2 Diabetes Risk

By WLC Admin
Thursday, 18 June 2015

Type 2 Diabetes RiskMaking the decision to lose weight is such an important one for a variety of reasons. Being overweight is hard enough when it comes to how you look and feel, but it can run much deeper than that. ....

What is Metabolic Syndrome and What Causes It?

By WLC Admin
Friday, 12 June 2015

Metabolic SyndromeWhen you are looking after your health, it is important that you are able to take good care of yourself and watch out for all of the issues that might come up. One such issue is known as metabolic ....

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

By WLC Admin
Thursday, 21 May 2015

vaping safer than smokingYou may see a lot of people these days with an e-cigarette in their hand, but does that mean they are healthier than the folks holding a conventional smoke? While lots of negative attention has been rightfully placed ....

Risk of Diabetes Increases with Daily TV Watching

By WLC Admin
Friday, 17 April 2015

Risk of DiabetesIf we’re being honest then we’re a society that just loves our TV. No matter how healthy we feel that we are, we can spend hours in front of the TV and not even think about it. Though many ....

Proper Nutrition Could Reduce Risk for Eye Diseases

By WLC Admin
Wednesday, 08 April 2015

Eye DiseasesMany people undermine the importance of proper nutrition. With no time for proper rest, proper food or eating properly, few people make sure they eat right in order to keep up their health. Eating healthy is one of the biggest ....

Weight Loss Surgery May Reduce Asthma Flare-Ups

By WLC Admin
Wednesday, 08 April 2015

Weight Loss SurgeryA recent report has suggested that people with obesity who are suffering from asthma can benefit by opting for a weight loss surgery. Generally, the trend of people going under the knife to cut down their flab and fat ....

Body Temperature Considered a Cause of Obesity

By WLC Admin
Thursday, 02 April 2015

Cause of ObesityAccording to modern science, obesity is a serious weight issue that affects millions of people and is caused by a number of genetic and environmental factors. It turns out that researchers are pinpointing another cause of obesity which might ....

Exercises for Chronic Fatigue in Fibromyalgia Patients

By WLC Admin
Thursday, 26 March 2015

Chronic FatiguePeople with chronic fatigue syndrome or Fibromyalgia respond to workouts unusually. They have a fear of physical exercise as it can aggravate their symptoms. People with fibromyalgia need to divide their daily activities into small, manageable tasks. The crucial ....

New Treatments May Provide Relief from Endometriosis

By WLC Admin
Thursday, 05 February 2015

relief for EndometriosisEndometriosis is a disease that affects around 2 percent to 10 percent of women in their reproductive years and is among the diseases that are usually undetected, untreated, and misdiagnosed. It is reported that, in many cases, severe menstrual ....

Is Vaping a Healthier Alternative to Smoking?

By WLC Admin
Friday, 30 January 2015

Vaping a Healthier Alternative to SmokingThese days, modern people have been inundated with several good reasons to quit smoking permanently. As a cure for the somewhat uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal, innovative companies have created and released specifically designed vaporizing implements that ....

Lifestyle Guidelines for Reducing Risk of Cancer

By WLC Admin
Thursday, 22 January 2015

Reducing Risk of CancerIf you have a family history or if you just think of your long term health then you are likely to be very interested in what the best methods are for reducing risk of cancer in the future. ....

Exercise May Help Those with Parkinson's Disease

By WLC Admin
Thursday, 15 January 2015

Parkinsons DiseaseParkinson’s disease affects the way individuals move and is a result of a problem associated with the brain’s nerve cells. This results in loss of or damage to brain cells that are responsible for the production of dopamine, a chemical ....

How Does Childhood Obesity Affect Adult Health?

By WLC Admin
Wednesday, 07 January 2015

Childhood ObesityBeing overweight or obese as a child can create more problems than just some teasing on the playground. Not only is childhood obesity very detrimental to our children’s overall health and quality of life, but it can also pose ....

Adult Vaccines You Should Be Up-to-Date On

By WLC Admin
Wednesday, 03 December 2014

adult vaccinesYou may not necessarily consider the adult vaccines you should be up-to-date on, but this is something we should all think about. You don’t want to wait until you are heading out of the country or until the need arises. ....

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