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New workout is working out pretty great with my diet! Feeling great!

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1 week ago
antoniojones1968 answered question When does calorie burning become fat burning?

During the first 10 minutes of your exercise you will be burning sugar (carb) calories and not fat calories. After this point, you need to be working out hard enough that your body requires more oxygen in order for you to start burning fat. Therefore, when you enagne in cardio exercises, you need to make sure you are getting your heart rate up and rmember that you won't actually hit the fat burning mark until after 10 minutes of this exercise. In other words, if you're walking, walk at a fast pace, if you only stroll, you'll never burn fat.

You will also fine that weight trainig can help with fat burning, too. But, a good way to know that you are burning fat is to "feel" the burn.

Feb 10
3 weeks ago
Jenny25 answered question Has anyone tried the Get Max machine by Bowflex?

I have tried it. In fact, I own it. It is a great machine and I find it really gives me a solid work It's easy to use, it does deliver great results and it's quite compact so it doesn't take up much space. I woud highly recommend it if you are looking for a full body workout that works with your specific fitness level. I would also recommend it if you are someone who prefers to work out at home instead of the gym.

All that being said, if you aren't someone who will use it regularly (like me) what ends up happening is you spend a lot of money on a machine that just ends up taking up space and collecting dust in your home. That's the main issue I find with most exercise machines. It's not that they won't necessarily work well, it's just that they cost a lot of money and if you are not dedicated to using them and keeping them in top working order, they can be a giant waste of money. 

So, yes, it's a great product that will deliver results if you follow the instructions and are dedicated to exercising regularly.

That said, only you can decide if you will genuinely use this machine and if its worth it for you to spend a lot of money to buy it.  

Jan 29
1 month ago
antoniojones1968 answered question Has anyone tried the HMR Program for weight loss?

I personally haven't tried it but a friend of mine has. He said that it was both easy and hard. I know that sounds a little cryptic, but it's the most honest answer he could give. He said that following the diet wasn't hard, becuase it's laid out really easy so you know exactly what it is you're supposed to eat. It takes out all the guess work and he found some interesting ways to add fruits and vegetables to his meals.

That said, he said that after a while, like any diet, you get kind of bored with following the same routine. He said that it's worth giving it a go, but you need to be committed to following the routine if you really want to take advantage of the full benefits of the diet. He also said that he found it got a little expensive, too. 

I would recommend really investigating the website, learning more about it. 

Jan 08
2 months ago
Jenny25 answered question How does fiber help to make you full?

Food that is high in fiber typically absorbs a lot of water and stays in the stomach for longer. This can help to create a feeling of fullness that lasts longer. Also, due to the fact that the bulk high fibe foods add to meals, this also requires you to chew more and for longer. This can lead to you eating slower yet still feeling satisfied. What's more high-fiber foods are tend to be low in calories and in fat, even thought they can make you feel fuller for longer. Finally, high-fiber foods take longer to digest by the body, another way that they can make you feel fuller longer. I recommend getting a balanced amount of both insolube and soluble fiber in your diet.

Dec 09
3 months ago
antoniojones1968 answered question Does white kidney bean suppress appetite too?

I don't think so. Isn't the claim for this substance that it helps to block carbs by blocking a certain enzyme in the body that helps to breakdown startches? I think it's supposed to help you digest fewer calories by blocking some of the carbohydrates that you eat. I don't see how this would help you control your appetite. or make you feel more full.

If you are going to take white kideny bean I think you're supposed to take it when you eat a regular carb meal. They won't do much for you if you follow a low-carb diet.  Also, I think there needs to be more clinical research done to determine the true effectiveness of this herb on weight loss. 

Nov 11
4 months ago
Jenny25 answered question How long does a stay at a spa last?

It depends on the spa...or more importantly how much money you have. I think a lot of weight loss spas are deisgned for a certain number of days because I think you attend certain classes and things like that. Ulitmately though, I think it's really just up to you. I'd recommend taking a look at a few different resort to retreat options and choose the ones you like best. From there, see what sort of programs, services, etc. they offer and then decide for how long you'd like to stay. I'm sure if you can't find the answers you're seeking on the web, you can always drom the customer service representatives at one of the places an email or give them a call to find out more. 

Oct 23
5 months ago
antoniojones1968 answered question what is the difference between Yohimbine and Yohimibe HCl?

The difference between yohimbine and yohimbe HCL is the first one is a naturally occurring compound and the second one is the synthetic version of the naturally occuring compounds (that's why there's the HCL attached to it).  While both types are designed to produce the same effects, some people find that yohimbine (the naturally occurring compound) is a little too potent and they are more likely to experience side effects from it, such as insomnia. It may also be more expensive than that synthetic variety.  That said, not only is the HCL version usually cheaper, it also doesn't seem to make people as jittery, restless or sleepless.

Sep 24

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