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Did great this weekend and added an extra 10 minutes to my daily walk

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3 weeks ago
freddyboy answered question What is the best vitamin to speed up your metabolism?

In addition to B vitamins, other vitmains that can be good for boosting your metabolsim include vitamin D. Not only is this vitamin critical for healthy immune function but people who take Vitamin D supplements have been found to lose significant more abdominal fat than those who don't take it. As for minerals, Iron and Magnesium are really good for boosting metabolsim as well. Getting sufficient amounts of iron and magnesium can lead to higher energy levels, making it easier for you to keep up with an active lifestyle and exercise.

May 27
3 months ago
freddyboy answered question Will my weight come back after taking prescription diet drugs?

Whether or not your weight comes back after you take prescripton drugs is entirely up to you. Prescription drugs are not a long-term solution. They are meant to provide you with potent short-term help (usually no longer than 12 weeks) so that you can adopt the necessary lifestyle changes required to lose weight (e.g.eating, exercise and behavioral changes).Once you've adopted these changes, you need to stick to them, even after you no longer take the diet pills. You will manage to maintain weight loss and even continue losng weight if you continue to maintain the changes. If, on the other hand, you go back to your old habits pre-prescription diet drugs, yes, you can gain all the weight back and even more.

Mar 25
4 months ago
freddyboy answered question Is the Stamina Instride Folding Cycle effective for exercising?

My thoughts on this particular exercise device is that it's a good piece of equipment to have if you want something mobile and you move around a lot. Like if you are someone who travels a lot for work, I could see this being a great device. because it's just so compact and  portable. It's definitely effective for exercising but at the same time if I did workout form home a lot I'd be far more inclined to buy an actual exercise bike or treadmill.

Feb 05
6 months ago
freddyboy answered question Is my acne breakout the cause of weight gain?

I'm not quite sure I understand your question. I'm guessing you're meaning to ask has your weight gain caused your acne breakout and not the other way around. That said I'll answer both, just in casue you did mean to phrase your question that way.

Has your acne breakout caused your weight gain. The answer to that one is no. Acne does not cause weight gain because acne is a symptom of some other condition. I suppose it's possible that treatments you are using to treat your acne could be cause weight gain as a side effect, which is also doubtful, but even if this were the case the weight gain is resulting from the treatment and not from acne itself.

On the flip side, could your weight gain be causeing your acne. The answer is still no. As I stated already above, acne is a symptom of something else and that something is usually related to hormones, genetics and having skin that is prone to acne due to excessive production of sebum among other issues. If you've gained weight from eating more calories than you need and inactivity - which is what is usally the problem for us all - I don't think it will do anything good for you acne, but equally I don't think it's causing it. 

Now, I'm not a dermatologist, so I can't tell you for certain that your weight gain isn't causing your acne, but if this is something you suspect, you might want to bring this up with your doctor or specialist and consider losing the weightyou've gained. Usually, doing something healthy for your body as a whole should help your acne issue or -at the very least - not make it worse.

Dec 20
7 months ago
freddyboy answered question What is the Shangri-La Diet and how is it effective?

The Shang-ri La diet - first and foreost - is a fad diet in my opinion. It was created by psychologist Seth Roberts who believes that by consuming between 100 - 400 calories a day in flavorless food like Olive oil one hours before mealtimes with help to suppress appetite and lead to weight loss. There is a lot more to the diet than just consuming these foods (or oils) obviously, but the bottom line is that there is no scietifict evidence to suggest that following this type of a diet will actually benefit weight loss. It's also not safe for people with certain medical conditions.

I would recommnend you choose something else. 

Nov 01
9 months ago
freddyboy answered question Does Vitamin B also help control high cholesterol?

Yes. Vitamin B12 (Niacin) has been shown to boost HDL (good) cholesterol and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. However, you should only take Vitamin B for this reason if your doctor has prescribed it to you to lower your cholesterol. Like any supplement, herbal, vitamin, etc. it doesn't matter how natural it is or how good someone says it is for you or for a certain health condition, you should only ever take it to treat a health condition if your doctor has recommended it.

Sep 11
11 months ago
freddyboy answered question What is the Weight Loss Cure Diet?

It’s a bogus diet that requires you to seriously limit your calorie intake and requires you to take hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) a hormone produced during pregnancy by placenta cells. Not only has this hormone never shown to be helpful for weight loss (because it’s always combined with some ridiculous low-cal diet – and it’s the starve-yourself-diet that essentially causes the drop in weight), but it is also 100% illegal to take these injections for weight loss. Injections are only legal if they are administered by a healthcare professional and are typically only used as fertility treatments (…which makes sense since the hormone is produced during pregnancy…).

Anyway, there is zero evidence that this diet is safe or effective for weight loss and it was created by Kevin Trudeau, who is currently in jail after being charged and found guilty of making misleading informercials.  All of this, plus the bad customer reviews this diet has received should be more than enough reason for you to stay far, far, far away from this ridiculous diet.

Jul 18

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