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Ionamin is a prescription diet drug that is made up of the popular weight loss ingredient called Phentermine. This is the most popularly prescribed form of medication to assist obese individuals with their efforts to reduce their weight in order to decrease their risk of certain serious health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. As the extra weight can make the risk or the severity of those conditions worse, by taking this pill and eliminating the excess pounds, the struggles relating to those medical issues are also reduced.


Ionamin belongs to a class of drugs that work as stimulants which are chemically similar to medications called amphetamines. These work by providing the nerves in the body and the brain (the central nervous system) with stimulation that results in appetite suppression.


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How Does Ionamin Work?


Beyond suppressing the appetite, this pill also works to give its users an energy boost which is very handy for helping to combat fatigue. Fatigue is chronic among dieters who are eating a calorie reduced diet as their bodies are consuming as much food energy as they are accustomed to receiving. This can make it hard for dieters to maintain their motivation to continue their weight loss efforts, and can make it more difficult to keep up with an exercise routine. The energy boost provided by Ionamin can make all the difference to an obesity patient’s success.


The drug, used on its own, will not result in weight loss. Instead, it is one part of a larger weight loss program that consists of a properly adjusted healthy diet, and an appropriate daily activity routine. The point to taking Ionamin is to reduce or eliminate the unpleasant feelings that are generally associated with those other two parts of the program, which are hunger and fatigue. Without feeling hunger pangs, it is possible to eat less and not feel uncomfortable. Without feeling tired all the time, it is easier to keep up with an increased activity level.


Ionamin Effectiveness


Ionamin has been found to be quite effective for many patients with obesity. That said, it should not be taken by just any obese patient. There are medications and health conditions that can cause dangerous conflicts with this medication. If you are considering taking this pill or if it has been prescribed to you, make sure that your doctor is aware of any other medications you are taking (even if they are over the counter or herbal remedies) or health conditions that you might have or from which you have suffered in the past.

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Previous reviews

cousin uses these
I have a cousin who lives in England and who uses Ionamin and she is losing weight faseter than anything that I have ever been able to do. She finds that her appetite is absolutely gone when she uses it so she never has problems sticking with the diet that she has to follow with it and she’s exercising for the first time since she was in high school. But I went to my doctor and asked for this and he said that this one isn’t available in the United States! It used to be and now it isn’t anymore. It wasn’t banned. The company just pulled out. I hate that companies and politics can get in the way of a person’s ability to be able to get something that actually works for their health.
Gina Panderson
can't get them now
The last time I really had to diet, I was prescribed Ionamin because it works really well. I have never experienced a diet drug that was better at cutting my appetite down so much and keeping me from falling asleep at my desk at the same time. I barely had any side effects except for the first two days and they weren’t bad at all. They did make me a bit nervous at first, but when they went away, they never came back again. I was able to stick to a really tight diet and I did find that in the evenings I was in the mood for a snack, but that was the only time that I really felt hungry, and it wasn’t too bad hunger because I was able to resist wolfing down a really bad snack. But this time when I went to lose the weight again, because I unfortunately gained it back, I found out that Ionamin isn’t available anymore where I live. I can’t believe that they’d take a drug that is that effective and make it unavailable. I wish that they’d put it back on the market again because that’s the pill I’d really like to use since I was so successful with it in the past. I am going to have to start on another pill soon and I’m nervous that it won’t be as good or that I’ll have to go through side effects like what I’ve read about in a lot of reviews.
Ken Traver
short term and comes with withdrawal
Ionamin was going to be my solution for weight loss after I’d fought with so many other programs and even pills. I’d even had a prescription diet pill before and that didn’t work right for me. When I tried Ionamin, I was very impressed for the first few weeks. I didn’t have bad side effects, and those that I had went away after a day or so. I thought that the appetite suppression was just enough and I was always revved up with energy. I made it to the gym more times on Ionamin than I ever had before. But after four weeks, I noticed that all of the appetite suppressing benefits started to fade away. By five weeks it really wasn’t doing very much for me at all. Since I’d been given a prescription for six weeks, I called my doctor and he said that this was actually normal for the drug! Ionamin stops working over a short period time as your body gets used to it. So, after his recommendation, I stopped using Ionamin because there really was no point to continue taking the pills when they weren’t doing anything. I was going to have an appointment with my doctor to discuss how I would be moving ahead with my diet, but I had to move it up to the next day when I started suffering from very unpleasant side effects. They were torture. I was instructed to use the rest of my Ionamin pills to gradually decrease the use until they were gone. Fortunately I still had some left and didn’t have to buy some just to get over the withdrawal!
Bonnie Brown
Strong side effects with Ionamin
Taking Ionamin wasn’t at all the experience I had hoped it would be. I’d already had problems with another prescription diet pill, so this was my doctor’s second choice for trying to help me get the weight off so that I could achieve better health and lower my blood pressure. Unfortunately, this made my blood pressure skyrocket. I became shaky and paranoid/anxious, especially shortly after I took the pill in the morning, and for the few hours that followed. It usually started to ease by lunchtime, but that was about when the headaches would set in. It was just too uncomfortable to be worth it the appetite suppressant.
Tina McDonald
Ionamin review
I used these pills the last diet I was on and they were very powerful. Actually they worked a lot better than I thought for reducing my appetite and making sure that I didn’t feel hungry very much. I was on a six weeks program with them and they started working well right away, even though they started to fade out near the end of it. I also found that I was full of energy all the time, which was also nice. The problem that I had with Ionamin and the reason I wouldn’t go back on them again is that they had so many side effects. I was shaky for a while, then that went away and I had headaches instead. Off and on throughout the whole time that I used Ionamin, I had an upset stomach. Not badly, but just enough to make me feel uncomfortable most of the time. Although that was great for making me not want to eat too much, I can’t say that it was all that nice to go through.
This pill was a very effective appetite suppressor and was also helpful because it gave extra energy. It wasn’t just a pill that was prescribed so that weight would be lost all by itself, though. It came with a reduced calorie diet with limited portions, and a daily exercise program. My prescription meant that I had to stick to a meal plan and I got a personal trainer at a gym who could help me with exercises that were healthy for people with obesity and that could help with weight loss (mostly aerobic). I found that while I did get hungry right before meals, they filled me up way faster and I didn’t get hungry in between. I’d eat four small meals and a snack every day. It helped me to lose enough weight that I could keep up with the diet and exercise. I did experience some side effects with its use, but they weren’t strong enough that I couldn’t handle them. I wouldn’t necessarily want to use this pill again, but I would if I had to.

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