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The ketogenic diet is growing in popularity and well worth educating yourself on. The idea behind this diet is that you focus on eating high fat concentration in your daily regimen. You have a moderate amount of protein and a very low amount of carbohydrates each day. Many would agree that the Ketogenic diet is very comparable to the very infamous Atkins Diet.


Originally, the ketogenic diet was intended to help treat epilepsy in children. Understanding how it works and why it exists is important, but you must also evaluate if this is right for you. Because the ketogenic diet exists for a specific purpose, can it also help with weight loss?


Since there are so many diets out there it can seem overwhelming. Many turn to diets such as this or the DASH diet which were created to help specific health conditions. Just as the DASH diet was intended to help treat patients to naturally lower blood pressure levels, the ketogenic diet has specific implications that can help children who suffer with epilepsy. When you eat carbohydrates they turn to glucose which isn’t helpful to this condition. When you eat a high concentration of fat though the liver begins to burn fatty acids within the body—this in turn creates a high ketone body which is important to this condition. When this is present within the body it is believed to dramatically reduce the risks of seizures associated with childhood epilepsy.


Save The Ketogenic Diet For The People Who Really Need It

So you can understand the need for the ketogenic diet and though is it controversial it has some very profound effects to children who follow it. If the epilepsy is present and causing a lot of problems, then the child may benefit by focusing on a high fat diet. Though the ketogenic diet can help patients with this specific health problem, it is not recommended as a means by which one can lose weight. It can actually hurt somebody who doesn’t have this health condition and therefore should be saved for the specific purpose it was created for.


If you try the ketogenic diet without any related medical problems, it can essentially alter the makeup of the body. Though the benefits outweigh the risk for children with epilepsy this is not a diet that should be used by anyone. It’s best to follow a well balanced diet that focuses on a normal concentration of fat, protein, and carbohydrates to lose weight or be your healthiest and best. The ketogenic diet can help those patients with the specific and real need, and it should be reserved for them alone. This is not the type of diet to use recreationally as it may alter the body in an undesirable way.


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Ken Traver
Ketogenic Diet
I really didn’t think too much of this when I first saw the Ketogenic diet and I know that one of my friends tried it and is now a person who speaks out quite strongly against it. I don’t think he would recommend it to his enemy, let alone friends or a family member. I had assumed that this was really a bad diet for quite some time but recently it made it into news headlines. I think it might have been Dr Oz who talked about it but I could be completely wrong about that. It was a famous doctor, whoever it was. Anyway, they didn’t say that it is necessarily great for weight loss, as far as I understand it, but I think that it was good for overall mental and physical health. That was what attracted me because that is the type of diet I try to stick to. If you’re doing what you can for your overall health then your body will automatically correct itself. That’s what I believe. So I have started on this. I admit that it has only been around 10 days since I’ve been on it so it’s really not long enough to talk about whether it can help me long term or if I am experiencing overall benefits. So far, I have found it really hard to do but not impossible. I don’t find that I feel like giving up or anything though. I’m not afraid of something challenging. I find that I do get a lot of cravings and it is mostly challenging because it’s very different from my normal routine and especially eating habits. I just weighed myself this morning and since I started doing this, I’ve lost a pound, so that’s not too bad. I know you’re not really supposed to weigh yourself for the first month that you’ve started a diet. You weigh yourself at the beginning and then leave it because your body is rebalancing itself and is shifting in both fat and muscle so watching the scale doesn’t give you a genuine idea of what is going on. But at the same time, I just wanted to be able to look at the scale and see what a difference is actually showing up. I’m happy with that pound. Maybe that means I’m getting more muscle too, so maybe I’ve burned 2 or 3 pounds of fat while I have built up lean muscle, who knows. Either way, I am glad to be doing something that is good for my overall health and I think that I will be able to eventually have this as a habit so that I won’t continue to struggle with it or find it challenging. It will just be the way that I live and it will just come naturally to me. What I don’t quite understand, just yet is whether or not it will really throw things off and do bad things for me if I break from the diet for a day every now and again. Like if I go to a party and eat all wrong, is that going to do serious damage to the balance that the Ketogenic diet is supposed to be establishing?
Maggie Stark
a mistake
If you are stupid like me and are tempted to try this diet without really understanding what it could really do to you it’s very very important that you talk to your doctor first. Unless you have specific medical conditions, I can almost guarantee that your doctor will try very hard to convince you not to do the ketogenic diet. I thought that I understood what it was about and what it can do but it turns out that it’s not nearly as good as I thought. It’s meant to help your body to redesign itself to function in a certain way but if you are healthy and you don’t need a redesign it can actually end up putting you at risk of doing more harm than good. There really are risks associated with doing this diet and it’s not a good idea to expose yourself to them unless you absolutely have to. Plus, if you do end up following it properly and you make the changes to your body, if you decide that there are side effects that you don’t like, it takes a lot to try to put things back to the way that they were again and you will require time to accomplish that. It really is a shame because it looked like it had a lot of potential and to me it looked like a healthy option but I was just not reading the right kinds of materials. I would strongly recommend not trying this at all before getting a recommendation from your physician and before really understanding this by informing yourself and educating yourself.
I got sucked up in the hype for the ketogenic diet, but it’s too confusing.

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