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Welcome to Natural Physical Conditioning’s weight loss and fitness holidays. We offer health, fitness and weight loss vacations set in the heart of the stunning Scottish Highlands on a vast private estate. Our weight loss and fitness holidays are designed to help you make positive changes in your life that will enable you to first reach and then maintain you weight loss and fitness goals.


Through a combination of good, sensible eating, daily activities and enjoyable exercise sessions you will see a number of positive results whilst you are here, but more importantly these changes will act as real kick-start in helping you move towards your long term weight loss goals.Programs Offered: At present Natural Physical Conditioning offers a number of different weight loss and fitness vacations all aimed to assist you in first defining your health, fitness and weight loss goals and then learning key skills to make them a reality.


NPC Weight Loss Holidays Programs


7 Day Weight Loss Holiday - The 7 Day Weight Loss Holiday includes a fully private room for 7 days and nights at the incredible Corrour estate in the Highland of Scotland. This is the most popular of our holidays and is designed to help you make the changes needed to enable you to achieve your weight loss goals. This weight loss and fitness vacation is comprised of daily activities such as hiking in the breathtaking surroundings, Canadian canoeing on Loch Ossian, Geocaching or biking on some of the great trails around the estate. In addition you will have personal training, nutrition sessions and workshops focusing on successful change and motivation. Cost of the 7 Day Weight Loss Holiday is currently £795 (approx. $1120 USD).


5 Day Graduate Course - The 5 Day Graduate Course includes a fully private room. This holiday is aimed at guests who may be a little more fit or that have already attended our 7 Day Weight Loss Holiday. Although shorter in length, the activities are a little more strenuous with the walks being longer, higher and more remote, more intense exercise classes and one to one training sessions and even things such as ‘Munroe bagging’ (Mountain hiking) with an expert guide. Cost of the 5 Day Graduate Course is currently £600 (approx. $900 USD).


5 Day Weight Loss Holiday - The 5 Day Weight Loss Holiday includes a fully private room. This is the shorter version of our successful 7 Day Weight Loss Holiday and is great for those looking to make some big improvements to their health and fitness, but don’t have time for the full week. This weight loss and fitness vacation is also well suited to those who perhaps think their current fitness levels might not be up to the full 7 day program. Cost of the 5 Day Weight Loss Holiday is currently £600 (approx. 900 USD).


Contact Information:

Website: www.npconline.co.uk

Email: info@npconline.co.uk


In addition we can arranged to call you to answer any questions you may have, just contact us through the website and we’ll get straight back to you.

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very different
I incorporated this NPC trip into a broader vacation to Scotland because I didn’t want to take a trip all the way over there and focus it exclusively on a single gym setting. I did the seven days but before I got started, I took some PT sessions with one of the trainers who works there. The trainer was a part of the Performance Center. To begin, I would like to point out that the trainer I worked with was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was also very motivational so I didn’t feel that I was just being yelled at and I felt like he was pulling my own motivation from within me instead of me just doing it because he told me to. He was great at coming up with an exercise workout program that suited my own specific needs, expectations, and my fitness level. Because of it, I have been able to take the knowledge he gave me and I have brought it home with me and have worked my own exercise routine at my gym around what I learned from him. It really was something extremely helpful for me. I know that I am currently at a much higher fitness level than the one I’d reached before taking my trip. My strength is also notably higher than it had been and I’ve had to update the workouts to reflect that. I also spend a lot less time training than I used to, but with better results, which I like. The location, itself, was state of the art. I’m pretty sure that it had just opened. I was actually a bit intimidated when I first got there because this was a lot more intense looking than the gyms I’d used back home. But the great thing is that there is always someone there to help you out. They don’t make you feel like you’re a moron for not knowing what you’re doing. After all, they’re there to help you so if you didn’t need help, then what would be the use of having experts? At every level, I was given very useful guidance to make sure that I was getting the most out of every moment that I was there. There are so many different choices of equipment and exercises that you never get bored. You can stay interested and that’s very important to keeping up your motivation. It’s funny because I’ve always liked my gym back here at home but after using the one out there it was a little bit disappointing to have to return to the old atmosphere with standard equipment and fewer people around to help out (and an attitude I’m not entirely sold on). This was an extremely interesting and beneficial trip for me. I only wish there were branches outside of Scotland that I could enjoy because I can’t justify taking a trip to Scotland whenever I want an upgrade on my workout haha.
Drew Rutter
Not much
The struggle that I have with Natural Physical Conditioning Weight Loss Holidays is that you get your hopes up but you can’t find much from it. If you try to find information online, there isn’t much more than the website. If you look at the website, they don’t offer you a lot of information there, either. It was going to be such a hassle to include it into my overall vacation to the UK that I just gave up.

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