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  • The best kind of password is one that contains a combination of case sensitive letters, numbers and symbols (if allowed). The longer the password, the better, too.  So a password like !G64ht*u#l4tD@fS is a way more secure password than Gsmith1966. Usually when you create a password, sites tend to tell you if they meet their requirements. Some will even display how weak or strong your password is. 

    That said, no matter what your password might be, one piece of advice that I think is really important is to enable two part security if this is an option. So, after you type in your password, you also have to answer a secruity question. This is good, especially for financial sites, incase your password should ever fall into the wrong hands.

    That being said, regardless if you have two-part security or not, make sure when you provide answers to security questions that you don't get creative or clever with your answers, beause you're never likely to rememer them. Always answer with whatever pops into your head first and use this. Getting cryptic is only going to make things harder for you in the long run (at least it has for me).

    Finally, if you really have a hard time remembering all your passwords, you might want to think about using a program like Last Pass or Dashlane, which  stores all your passwrods for you safely and keeps them encrypted. When you use programs like these, once you've entered all your passwords in, the only password you ever need to remember from this point on is the one you use for the program. Make it long and complicated.

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