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  • I think what it primarily does is help you with mood, mental focus and energy. By giving you energy, it makes it easier for you to go about your day and keep up with workouts. Improving your mood in a positive way keeps you more motivated, which can also help you keep up with your weight loss goals.  It is also belileved to boost metabolsim, which can help your burn more fat. Herodenine naturally occurs in plant life like barely so it's possible to add it to your diet. You can also take in supplement forms.  That said, whehter or not you'll lose weight if you ingest it in any form is another debate all together. Still, it does provide your body with some beneifts so as long as you combine it with regular exercse and a healthy low-calorie diet, you should lose weight :)

    taraAnswered by tara
    6 months ago
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