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Home Community Question & Answers Weight Loss Books & Videos Why shouldn't I trust Jillian Micheals?

  • Honestly, for starters she's a celebrity and TV personality. No offense, but I don't really trust anyone who goes on TV shows to promote weight loss...because they're getting money to do it. They know the people who are watching are desperate and willing to try anything. They're not seeking to help these people. I mean, seriously, look at Doctor Oz!   Besides, even if her intentions are good, this doesn't change the fact that she's not a medicial professional and shouldn't be giving advice to people regarding health or weiight loss. 

    Plus, you might also find it interesting to discover that Michaels has faced four seperate lawsuits over one of her supplements that was claimed to be ineffective and unsafe. Although these lawsuits were dismissed, this still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    It's not just Michaels who I don't trust, it's honestly any celebrity that claims to have great diet advice. Celebrities should be the last people you turn to in regard to your health....I mean, most of them are following crazy diets becuase they need to look a certain way to get movie roles, etc. Sorry, I know I"m a little ranty about this, but I really feel strongrly that the people you shoudl talk to you about diets, exercise and weight loss are professionals who have your best interest in mind. 

    legendarytroyAnswered by legendarytroy
    3 months ago
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