Home Community Question & Answers Weight Loss Software Is there an app that keeps track of how long you sit down?

  • Um I don't think so...I mean not one that is specific to sitting. If you want to remeind yourself to get up every once in a while, I would recommend that you get a "break-time" app. This type of app is essentially a glorified timer that you can set to go off after a certain amount of time to remind you to get up, take a break or whatever. I think it's recocmmended for people to get up and move around, stretch, etc.every 30 minutes or so. Therefore just set whatever break-time app you get for 30 minutes so you'll be reminded to get up without having to worry about watching the time. Also, get a free app...don't pay for one of these, there are lots of them.

    MikeAnswered by Mike
    7 months ago
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