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  • Uh....that's a question that really depends on the person. Some people are naturally more predisposed to gaining weight than others. I think it's the way you're built, your lifestyle, how active you are, what you eat, and how good your metabolism is.  I think most people who are active and eat well should be pretty good at keeping their weight healthy, regardless of thier age.  That said, I think the two main times that peope tend to put on a few extra pounds is puberty (though I've also seen kids who were overweight lose weight during this time of their life, too) and after 30 when your metabolsim begins to slow down.  

    Technically you shouldn't really gain weight at any age, as long as your treatig your body right, but it really is as you get older that it becomes more of a risk, simply becuaes your metabolism isn't what it used to be. So, you might need to work a little harder to keep trim :)

    chefmelAnswered by chefmel
    6 months ago
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