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  • I've actually heard the exact opposite about antihistamines. Mostly you hear about people comaplining about gainig weight when they take them. The reason for this is because they block histamine H3 receptors, which can actually help the body burn fat via thermogenesis, when the body heats up by using fat for energy to boost its temperature. A lot of people who are feeling overleaded with histamine will often complain of being hot.

    So, I don't think an antihistamine is going to help you with weight loss, but it may cause weight gain. Either way, even if it doesn't cuase weight gain it's not going to have an effect on shedding fat. If you happen to be an allergy sufferer, I'm sorry to burst your bubble of hope that taking antihistamines will help with your weight loss goals.

    PaploAnswered by Paplo
    5 months ago
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