Home Community Question & Answers Non-Prescription Diet Pills Has anyone tried BurnTrex and is it effective?

  • My friend took it and she didn't really like it much. She said that she felt no effects from it at all. It doesn't contain green coffee bean and caffeine but she's someone who naturally drinks a lot of caffeine so many she needed a more potent dose to feel anything. Beyond that, I can see that it has green tea, raspberry ketone and garcinia cambogia. So it looks like it promises to help boost energy, burn fat and suppress appetite. Based on the ingredients I'd say that it only has a shot at achieving energy boosting and potentially more fat burning when combined with physical activity.  That said, due to the low qunatities of each ingredient in this formula, it's doubtful that you'll really get much benefit from it. 

    kellykattAnswered by kellykatt
    5 months ago
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