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  • There are things that you can try to help get the water out and give your phone the best shot at survival. For starters, take it out of its wet environment immediately. Whether you dropped it in a pool, the toilet a puddle it's in the rain, etc. reduce its water exposure as quickly as you can. Every second counts.

    Once you've got it away from the water, take a part your phone as much as possible. Take off the back, the battery, take out the sim cardl, anything that you can physically remove, get it off. 

    Next, carefully pat the parts with a lint free towel or if you don't have that use a washcloth or a paper towel.

    Next, stick it in uncooked rice. Get a container with a lid, fill it with rice and stick the parts of yoru phone in. Make sure the phone is covered on all side. Place the lid on top of the contianer and stick it under somewhere warm - not hot - like a lamp or something and  leave it alone for at least 6 hours to encourage the evaporation process.

    If you're SUPER lucky, after you phone is dry, it'll work.  Good luck.

    tracy1976Answered by tracy1976
    4 months ago
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