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  • There are a couple, but the one that has been really getting a lot of positive feedback is a Kurbo from Kurbo Health. It's a free health and weight loss app designed for children aged 8 - 18. It is based on the stop light diet priniciple, which has been reserached and has received plenty of positive feedback from researchers.

    Essentially, the way it work is the foods you eat are split up into different color categories like a stoplight - red, yellow and green.  Red foods are those you should limit, yellow foods are those that you can eat in moderation and green foods you can eat as much as want of. Red foods include foods that are high in calories and fat, which can range anywhere from prepackaged foods and pizzs to nuts and avacados. Yellow food are things like whole wheat bread and pasta, while green foods are where you'll find your fruits and vegetables and other naturally high-fiber, low calorie and low fat foods.

    The app helps kids to track their foods as well as their exercise minutes and their personal goals. There are health education games, videos that explain concepts and other useful tools. Essentially, the app helps kids to pay more attention to the food they're eating and lets them know how many red and yellow foods they can have in their diet each day (green foods are unlimited) to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    The app is availble for iOS and I think one is coming out for Android eventually to. As I said, it is free, but you can also get more personalize help via the Kurbo program website. :)

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    3 months ago
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