Home Community Question & Answers Exercise Equipment Do you need to get the mat with the Simply Fit Board?

  • I would recommend that you do get the mat for two reasons.

    The first reason is that you will be able to do the simplyl fit board exercises no matter the surface, hard, soft, etc. It means that you don't always need to have carpet handy. Plus, even if you do it on carpet, it's better to have the mat to avoid wear and tear on the carpet from the friction of twisting the board on the same surface all the time. 

    The second reason is that I feel it is better for your balance because you need to stay on the the mat, so you don't twist all around and move across the area. I find the workout is more of a challenge with the mat. This challenge along with the conveneince of being able to use the simply fit board easily, anywhere, makes it well worth it to get the mat in my opinion. 

    janAnswered by jan
    2 weeks ago
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