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  • Depending on the narcotic, yes, you can. Many over-the-counter pain killers (e.g. tylenol, aspirin, etc.) maybe something you'd want to take if you expereince a headache or other unpleasant symptoms, which is quite possible fi you're taking phentermine, for example. 

    That being said, combining these two types of drugs can increase your risk of other symptoms, such as increasing your risk of developing cardiovascular diseaes, convulsions and increase your blood pressure and heart rate. 

    You need to be reallllly careful when combing any prescription medication for weight loss with other medications (prescription or non). DEFINITELY talk to your doctor before you do anything like that. You'll want to make sure you know the possible interactions and the risks associated with doing so.

    PaploAnswered by Paplo
    6 weeks ago
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