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Home Community Question & Answers Weight Loss Books & Videos How can you avoid flabby skin when you're losing weight?

  • The best way to avoid it is to lose weight gradually (no more than 2 pounds per week) and to make sure that your exercises include strength training so you build up and tone the muscles underneath your skin. If you've got muscles under there, your skin has something to stretch over.

    That said, depending on how much weight you're losing and your age, you are still likely going to get some flabby skin. This skin may eventually un-flab a little with time as it de-stretches, but chances are you might just have to deal with some flab. 

    You might find that making sure your skin is well moisturized can help with its elasticity, too. 

    I hope that helps.  

    LiaAnswered by Lia
    3 days ago
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