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Home Community Question & Answers Diet Supplements I've read that acai for weight loss is a scam, but they're supposed to be great antioxidants. Do antioxidants help weight loss?

  • Antioxidants don’t actually cause you to lose weight like some other substances do.  That is, it doesn’t make you burn calories or fat faster and it doesn’t stop you from getting hungry.  It does help your body to be healthier, though.  The more you can do to give yourself a healthy body and ensure that your organs and systems are running at their best, the better the chance you’ll have to lose weight.  This is because you’ll digest better, use your nutrients better, and you’ll even sleep better and fight off disease.  Those are all important points for being able to lose weight effectively and are directly or indirectly affected by antioxidants.  You don’t just need acai for that, though, since they are in a lot of other foods like green tea, coffee, blueberries, and other common foods.

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