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1 week ago
antoniojones1968 answered question When does calorie burning become fat burning?

During the first 10 minutes of your exercise you will be burning sugar (carb) calories and not fat calories. After this point, you need to be working out hard enough that your body requires more oxygen in order for you to start burning fat. Therefore, when you enagne in cardio exercises, you need to make sure you are getting your heart rate up and rmember that you won't actually hit the fat burning mark until after 10 minutes of this exercise. In other words, if you're walking, walk at a fast pace, if you only stroll, you'll never burn fat.

You will also fine that weight trainig can help with fat burning, too. But, a good way to know that you are burning fat is to "feel" the burn.

Feb 10
4 weeks ago
freddyboy answered question Do you burn more fat doing hot yoga vs regular yoga?

It depends on what yoga you're comparing hot yoga, too. Not all yogo exercises are created equal after all.  So let's say you were doing yoga exercise comparable to hot yoga just not in a space that is of a hot temperature. In that case, I honestly don't think you do burn more fat. I think you sweat more, but sweating more doesn't mean that you burn more fat, it just measn that your body is working on cooling itself down. It's a reaction to being hot, it's not a fat burning response.

The belief that sweating means you are burning fat or are burning more fat is a misconception. Only engage in hot yoga if you think that it will benefit you in other ways beyond weight loss. It's about the whole expereince, not just shedding a few pounds. 


Jan 21
1 month ago
antoniojones1968 answered question Has anyone tried the HMR Program for weight loss?

I personally haven't tried it but a friend of mine has. He said that it was both easy and hard. I know that sounds a little cryptic, but it's the most honest answer he could give. He said that following the diet wasn't hard, becuase it's laid out really easy so you know exactly what it is you're supposed to eat. It takes out all the guess work and he found some interesting ways to add fruits and vegetables to his meals.

That said, he said that after a while, like any diet, you get kind of bored with following the same routine. He said that it's worth giving it a go, but you need to be committed to following the routine if you really want to take advantage of the full benefits of the diet. He also said that he found it got a little expensive, too. 

I would recommend really investigating the website, learning more about it. 

Jan 08
2 months ago
freddyboy answered question What is the main vitamin in Kale?

Kale is very high in vitamin K, vitamin C and Vitamin A. It is also a high source of manganese. It is also a good source of vitamin B6, fiber, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin B1, vtimamn B3,iron, phosphorous, folate and omeg-3 fats. 

As you can see it's really an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals and is also high in fiber. It's very good for you, which is why so many people lable kale as a super food. 

Kale can be great for your health and it can also be very good in supporting your weight loss efforts. That said, I would recommend that if you want the biggest benefit from it, eat it as fresh as possible and eat organic. The best way to to do this (if it is posible for you) is to grow your own kale. 

Dec 09
3 months ago
antoniojones1968 answered question Does white kidney bean suppress appetite too?

I don't think so. Isn't the claim for this substance that it helps to block carbs by blocking a certain enzyme in the body that helps to breakdown startches? I think it's supposed to help you digest fewer calories by blocking some of the carbohydrates that you eat. I don't see how this would help you control your appetite. or make you feel more full.

If you are going to take white kideny bean I think you're supposed to take it when you eat a regular carb meal. They won't do much for you if you follow a low-carb diet.  Also, I think there needs to be more clinical research done to determine the true effectiveness of this herb on weight loss. 

Nov 11
freddyboy answered question What is the best fitness tracker for kids?

There are actually a lot of great fitness trackers for kids. Here's a list of 10 of them that I could find that were rated pretty high by more than one customer: Nabi Band, KidFit, LeapFrog LeapBand, Omate Wherecom K3, Unicef Kid Power Band, Garmin Vivofit Jr, Sqord Activity Tracker, Fitbit Zip, MILO Champions Band, Adidias Zone.

I highly recommend that you check out every one of these gadgets and then pick out the ones you like best and then from your approved list, see which of those is of interest to your kid. 

Personally, I think it's great that there are fitness trackers for children. It's important that they pay attention to thier activity levels and learn to understand the importance of staying active and healthy. 

Oct 22
4 months ago
antoniojones1968 answered question what is the difference between Yohimbine and Yohimibe HCl?

The difference between yohimbine and yohimbe HCL is the first one is a naturally occurring compound and the second one is the synthetic version of the naturally occuring compounds (that's why there's the HCL attached to it).  While both types are designed to produce the same effects, some people find that yohimbine (the naturally occurring compound) is a little too potent and they are more likely to experience side effects from it, such as insomnia. It may also be more expensive than that synthetic variety.  That said, not only is the HCL version usually cheaper, it also doesn't seem to make people as jittery, restless or sleepless.

Sep 24
5 months ago

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