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4 weeks ago
jan answered question Is garcinia mangostana and garcinia cambogia the same thing?

Garcinia Mangostana and Garcinia Cambogia are two different fruits. Garcinia Mangostana, also known as Mangosteen, is very similar to Garcinia Cambogia as it is also a tropical fruit that is believe to help with weight loss. Mangosteen is believed to have originally come from Indonesia and the Sunda Islands and has been used in Southeast Asia for years, most notably for treating urinary tract infections and skin conditions.

As for weight loss, it may be beneficial due to the fact that it is high in fibe (which may help to improve digestion and keep you fuller longer), is a natural energy booster, may boost metatoblism, boost mood and also interfere with fat formation and stroage. 

Of course, just like Garcina Cambogia,there is no clinical proof that Mangosteen is actually effective in aiding with weight loss.

Sep 18
1 month ago
char answered question Can stress make it harder for me to lose weight?

Yes it can. In fact, it really, really can. High stress will make losing weight a steep uphill battle. The reason is that while stress releases adrenaline, which require energy. At the same time it releases cortisol, which sends a message to your brain to replenish the energy that was wasted, even though you haven't actually used that many calories. The resuult is that you can become hungry, very hungry. Even worse, your body will cotinue to produce cortisol for as long as you're stressed.

Of course, when we get hungry from stress, we don't crave healthy snacks...we want all the sweets and high-fat foods becuase they stimulate the brain to produce pleasure chemicals, which can reduce tension. Also, coritosl encourages your body to store visceral fat, which is not only bad for weight loss but can also be dangerous to your health over time, as it can release fatty acids into your blood and raise insulin levels and cholesterol. 

Therefore try to keep your stress under control, both for your weight loss efforts and for the good of your health.

Aug 20
2 months ago
jan answered question Can increasing salt intake actually lead to weight loss?

No. There was a study involving astronuants that dealt with salt and weight loss but this doesn't apply to the average person on earth. Most of us eat WAY too much salt in a day which is not only bad for our weight (as it boosts bloating, and water retention etc.) but is also very bad for our health as it can raise blood pressure, etc. Plus, many of the high-salt foods we eat are pre-packaged foods which means that they are also high in calories and fat. 

Of course, salt is important to our health as we do require a certain amount for proper bodily function but most of us don't have a salt deficiency problem. You're already likely eating more salt than you need. Long story short, more salt isn't going to help you drop pounds.

Aug 05
3 months ago
char answered question Is caffeine anhydrous stronger than caffeine in coffee or tea?

The caffeine in coffee is the same as caffeine anhydrous, which is also known as 1, 3, 7 trimethylxantine. The only difference is that caffeine anhydrous is a powder form and is much more potent dose than what is use in the coffee and tea.  So if you're looking for a stronger dose of caffeine, typically a diet pill with caffeie gives you more of a boost in one dose than a cup of coffee and definitly more than a cup of tea (which contains even less caffeine than coffee). To put this into greater perspective many diet pills contain 200 mg of caffeine per dose which is the equivalent of two cups of coffee.

Jul 01
4 months ago
jan answered question What are the top 5 best minerals for fat loss?

If I were to pick 5 I would say that these are the best ones:

1 - Chromium - it helps to balance your blood sugar and can help to lower how fast insulin levels rise and fall in the body.

2 - Magnesium - this mineral is important for the nervous system, blood sugar, the digestive tract and your bones. It can also aid with sleep and lower anxiety and your blood sugar if it is high.  it can also help to relax the GI tract as well as ease sore muscles after a workout.

3 - Zinc - this helps to promot hormonal balance and not getting enough can cause weight gain in both women and men.

4 - Iron - this helps you promote healthy blood flow and gives you energy. People who are deficient in iron tend to be tired and exhausted and this dramatically slows down your metabolsim which of course can be counter productive to weight loss efforts.

5 - Potassium - this mineral helps you from becoming bloated and feeling weighed down.

Jun 04
char answered question Is Yoga gear the same as spandex?

A lot of Yoga gear contains spandex as part of its material blend. If you read the tag of lot of yoga pants, tops, etc, you'll no doubt discover cotton/polyseter blends, spandex or lycra among the list of "ingredients". The reasons these material are use are for two reasons: 1 - they're cheap. 2 - they are form-fitting flexible fabrics that will easily allow you to perform stretching and bending motions without getting in the way.

That said, if you are going to be engaing in activitis like running, etc. and you're likely to work out a sweat, the above materials are not the most ideal. The reason is they'll keep moisture trapped, which can become uncomfortable. It is far better to purchase fabrics that are moisture wicking like nylon/cotton blends.

In terms of where you should buy the clothing (I know you didn't ask this) I would suggest that you make your purchase from a reputable clothing store that will take it back if there is a problem with it. That said, if you don't care about replacing your clothes a lot or you don't exercise a lot, then I'd recommend buying on the cheap.

May 22
5 months ago
jan answered question Is it true that methamphetamine is used to treat obesity?

Yes. That said it is typically prescribed under the brand name Desoxyn when prescribed medically. It is a central neverous stimulant and is often used to treat ADHD. It may be prescribed for weight loss in extreme cases of obesity when nothing else has worked, and that's because one of the side effects is weight loss. That said, if you were prescribed this it would be a very controlled situation where you would need to see your doctor regularly and you would be required to follow a certain diet, exercise and make behavioral changes. It would be a short-term treatment due to the fact that it can cause serious side effetcts and can be habit forming. With that in mind, however, taking Desoxyn is not the same thing as taking Crystal Meth.

May 01
6 months ago

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