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Managing Weight Loss after a Hysterectomy

A hysterectomy can cause physical and emotional changes that can make managing weight and losing weight more difficult.

Managing weight loss after a hysterectomy comes with some unique challenges both physically and emotionally, but that does not mean it is impossible. If you understand the changes that will happen to your body physically and mentally then you will be better able to prepare and do what you can to keep extra pounds from piling up

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Weekly Weigh In - Struggling with Weight Loss Plateau

Hopefully I can start losing weight again by next week. Weight loss plateaus and weight gain can be very frustrating and make it even harder to stay motivated. Wish me

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How Antioxidants Enhance Weight Loss

Antioxidants help to remove free radicals from the body and help to improve metabolism and overall health. Berries and some of the most potent sources of antioxidants.

Losing weight can be a difficult process. Nevertheless, there are certain things you can include in your weight loss program that can help make the process a little easier and faster, such as providing your body with

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Exercise + Healthy Diet = Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight it is not only important to exercise, but also follow a calorie-restricted and healthy diet.

Exercise + Healthy Diet = Weight Loss. This equation, one which seems completely common sense, has been the center of conversation lately because some say that exercise may cause weight gain and work against your weight loss efforts. This misleading fact about losing weight was recently promoted in a Time Magazine article “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin” and has been at the center of some fiery

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Weight Loss Can Relieve Back Pain

One important health benefit of losing weight that is often overlooked is that weight loss can help to relieve back pain in people who are overweight or obese.

It makes common sense that weight loss can relieve back pain, but I never really thought about its importance before. However, for those people who suffer from back pain, most will tell you that they would do almost anything to get rid of it, even if it requires them to shed some

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Weekly Weigh In - No Weight Loss

My weekly weigh in day came and went yesterday with such a blur that I forgot to update all of you good folks. Despite the fact that I have been nothing short of an angel when it comes to following my healthy diet, not cheating and getting more and more exercise all the time, when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning it read…184

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Eating After Exercise

Eating after exercise is an important part of providing your body with the nutrients needed to repair muscle and restore glycogen.

Eating after exercise is meant to help your body to recover from exercise and be ready to perform optimally the next day. After all, using your muscles to a certain degree does indeed damage them and providing them with the nutrients they need to repair is a natural process that helps them

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How Healthy Are Soy Products?

This is a picture of a Chocolate Marble Tofu Cheesecake that was published, along with the recipe, on Simply Anne's blog ( It looks divine.

Soy is often considered to be a great source of protein and is available in a variety of forms, such as tofu, soymilk, tacos, burgers, etc. Soy products are enjoyed by those looking for an alternative to certain beverages and foods, such as milk and meat (i.e. lactose intolerant individuals, vegetarians, vegans) and by many people who believe it to be a healthy food that is natural and good for

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Resveratrol Weight Loss Supplements Review

Resveratrol, a compound found in red grapes, some berries and peanuts, is a powerful antioxidant that is becoming a popular weight loss supplement, but does it really work?

There is some science behind the claims that resveratrol helps with weight loss, however, it’s not easy to find anything that is written in everyday English instead of medical jargon that would take an additional university degree to understand. The following is a no-nonsense resveratrol weight loss supplements review that outlines the benefits and drawbacks of this

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Weight Loss Desperation: Using Unhealthy Weight Loss Methods

Weight loss desperation and the use of unhealthy weight loss methods can result in permanent injury and even death. Losing weight should never be that important.

Losing weight is something that some fight with for most of their lives and they can fail over and over again. When this happens, some people will resort to weight loss methods that are drastic and exceptionally unhealthy. This is never a good thing or a long term fix for weight

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