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Cinnamon Prevents Insulin Resistance

Cinnamon has many health benefits, but one that is important for weight loss is its ability to prevent and reverse insulin resistance.

Cinnamon is more than just a spice that can be added to food or drinks to give them an extra tasty flavor. One of its most important benefits from a weight loss and health perspective is that it cinnamon prevents insulin

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High Protein Diets May Harm Kidneys

High protein diets have been known to cause a number of kidney problems, including kidney stones.

High protein diets may harm your kidneys if not done properly. Processing large quantities of protein taxes the kidneys, leaving them at risk of developing one or several of various kidney

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Gluten Allergy May Cause Weight Gain

Gluten, a protein that contained in wheat, barley and rye, can cause an allergy in some people and result in unexplained weight gain.

An allergy to gluten can cause some very unpleasant symptoms such as weight gain, as well as bloating, water retention, fatigue, flatulence and other indigestion-related

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Honey Sweetens a Weight Loss Diet

Despite that fact that honey contains calories, it contains beneficial nutrients that help to promote weight loss and good health.

Most dieters are so concentrated on limiting calories that they are inclined to avoid any type of sweetener that isn’t zero calories. Thus, honey is often left sitting in the shelf while artificial sweeteners get all the use, even though some pose potential health risks. Honey, however, can be a perfect addition as a sweetener to your weight loss

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Eating Ginger Promotes Weight Loss

Ginger is a powerful digestive aid that can improve your body's metabolism.

Although it is a well recognized digestive aid, many people are unaware of the fact that eating ginger promotes weight loss in some people. The following are some of the ways in which ginger root can assist you in burning

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Does Eating Late Cause Weight Gain?

When eating late at night choose meals that are lighter, such as salads.

There is a commonly accepted myth about weight loss that if you eat your dinner late at night then you will be much more likely to gain

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Spicing Up Weight Loss

Many common herbs and spices, such as parsley, contain many nutrients and antioxidants that may help weight loss.

If you’re already eating a healthy, nutritious diet and you’re already exercising regularly, then you’ll be on the right track. By adding the benefits of the right herbs and spices, you’ll be able to accelerate your weight loss and make things just a bit easier on

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Digestive Benefits of Papaya

Of its many nutritional benefits, papaya contains an unique enzyme that helps to breakdown proteins and clean the digestive tract.

Though the fruit of the papaya is flavorful and is often consumed just for the sheer pleasant experience, in terms of practical use, it is most commonly used in order to aid in digestion. There are many properties in the papaya fruit that can help with the digestive

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Weight Loss Benefits of Protein

Eating foods rich in protein, such as eggs and fish, benefit weight loss by stabilizing blood sugar levels and curbing hunger.

When you are trying to lose weight you need to do what you can to curb hunger by feeding your body foods that take longer to process and don’t cause spikes in blood sugar. One of the best weight loss foods is protein and increasing the amount of protein that you eat in your daily diet can be the key to your dieting

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How Stress Affects Weight Loss

Stress can cause weight loss to become very stubborn. Try stress-relieving activities, such as yoga, to get your diet back on track.

I never really considered how stress can affect weight loss, but I think that it can be a root cause of a weight loss plateau. Thus, if your body is being stubborn about losing weight, then not only change your diet and exercises but find ways to reduce

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