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How Colors affect Hunger and Appetite

Research indicates that bright colors, such as reds and greens, are more appetizing than dark colors, such as purples and blues.

If you are looking for a new way to decrease your portion sizes at meals without battling your hunger then adding appetite suppressant colors, such as blues, purples and blacks can have a significant

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Weight Loss Strengthens Immune System

Although it is not the be all end all to avoiding the flu or a cold, losing weight can help boost your immune system.

Even though losing weight won’t guarantee you will avoid the flu and other bugs, these studies do give us another good reason to shed our excess

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Workplace Weight Loss Tips

Making time for a walk during your lunch break not only help you burn more calories during the day, but it also combats afternoon fatigue.

There are many different things that you can bring into your everyday work routine that can make all the difference to your weight loss while barely changing anything throughout your daily work

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Weight Gain Caused By Water Retention

It may seem backwards, but drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day helps to prevent water retention.

It is not entirely uncommon for a person retaining water to gain up to five pounds in water weight alone either overnight or over a period of a couple days. This can make it not only challenging to fit into one’s clothes, but it can also make regular weight loss quite a

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Low-Fat vs. Low-Carb - Which Diet is More Effective?

Low-carb and moderate-fat diets appear to be the best for losing weight.

Many people who are new to dieting wonder which type of diet is more effective for losing weight – low-fat or low-carb. With so many types of diet out there promoting themselves as the best ones for weight loss, answering this question has been

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Link Between Breast Cancer and Obesity

Preliminary research indicates that being overweight and obese raises the incidence of breast cancer in women.

Though conclusive evidence has not yet been gathered as this would require an exceptionally long-term study, there is more than enough evidence to show that there is a trend linking obesity to the instance of breast

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5 Most Useful Weight Loss Gadgets

There are a number of weight loss gadgets, such as a body fat monitor shown here, that can help you track you success and keep you motivated.

When it comes to weight loss gadgets, there are so many to choose from, but in my experience these 5 are the most useful. Since Christmas is just around the corner, all of us dieters out here will want to put together our wish lists, and a weight loss gadget that will help us get motivated about losing weight in the new year may be just the

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NEAT Weight Loss

The many daily activities we do, such as grocery shopping, house cleaning and even playing an instrument can contribute to our overall NEAT weight loss.

Taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, walking to the store to buy groceries, gardening and so on can all contribute to your overall NEAT weight loss. Embracing NEAT weight loss in your life is all about finding the little opportunities to be

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Can Weight Loss Make You Smarter?

Key elements of weight loss, such as a healthy diet and exercise, also improve brain function.

We’ve always known that having a healthy body weight is important for overall good health, but did you know that it is just as important for your mind and intelligence as it is for your body and the prevention of physical

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