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Best Online Diet Trackers

Diet and fitness trackers are an excellent way to keep track of your weight loss progress.

Today, whether keeping track of calories or miles walked, there are great online trackers that take most of the work out of the endeavor for you while keeping the most accurate count you can get. Take advantage of some of these useful and sometimes free trackers to make your life more

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The Best Time to Start a Diet

The best time to start a diet is the moment you decide you would like to lose weight. Don't wait or put it off as that often just results in added pounds.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and promised yourself that you are going to start your diet on Monday, after Thanksgiving, when New Years Day has arrived, or even after you have had a few weeks to enjoy your favorite foods? This is something that dieters do all of the time and can be a huge problem. While having a start date is the only way to get started, that day should be the very second you decide you want to lose

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Improving Weight Loss Motivation

Joining a group or finding a friend to lose weight with is one of many ways of improving your weight loss motivation.

People talk about willpower, but there really is no such thing – at least not in the way you think. You can not diet on willpower alone. You have to have some tricks up your sleeve for improving and maintaining your weight loss

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Gaining Weight when Dieting

Gaining weight when dieting does not necessarily mean you have gain body fat, but can be attributed to a number of factors including water retention.

Gaining weight when dieting is one of the most frustrating and defeating things that happens. The only consolation is that it is not just happening to you or me, it happens to every person who has ever tried to lose

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Weight Loss Obsession

A healthy obsession with weight loss is sometimes what it takes to reach your weight loss goals.

Am I obsessed with weight loss? Right now, maybe yes. My husband calls it weight loss obsession, but I call it weight loss commitment and both of us are right. Sometimes you need to submerge yourself into your weight loss program so that you can just manage to stay on

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Weight Loss Commitment

Losing weight is never easy, but you have the best chance at success when you set realistic goals and then follow through with your weight loss commitment as best you can.

Losing weight is never easy, but you have the best chance at success when you set realistic goals and then follow through with your weight loss commitment as best you

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Ways to Cut 100 Calories Daily

There are many ways to easily cut 100 calories daily, such as using smaller dinner plates to help with portion control.

There are many ways to cut 100 calories daily from your diet. By cutting only 100 calories each day, in a year you will have helped yourself lose over 10 pounds of body

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Fat Burning Exercises

Anaerobic exercises that build and tone muscle, help your body burn fat 24 hours a day.

Aerobic exercises are excellent for burning calories in your body during and for a few hours after the activity, but anaerobic exercises are what increase your body’s ability to burn fat 24 hours a day. Anaerobic exercises focus on toning and building

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Daily Meal Planning

I think the biggest difference between this weight loss effort and my other ones is that I am diligently tracking how many calories I eat every day. Planning my daily meals has become more like a science fair project, with adding up calories and trying to balance proteins and

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Make A Plan for Weight Loss

I keep trying to go right back into the routine of dieting and exercising, but I just keep failing. I was at a loss about how to break this pattern, but I had to do something so last night I decided the best thing I can do is MAKE A PLAN FOR WEIGHT

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