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Why Consuming Sugar Makes Weight Loss So Tough

weight loss and consuming sugar

Consuming sugar should be drastically reduced in order to achieve weight loss.

Consuming sugar is a bad habit that we do because it is a craving and an emotionally-driven thing. Sugar gives us a rush of good feeling—it is in most of our comfort food and will be what sabotages most diets and exercise as well.

Why consuming sugar makes weight loss so tough?

When we want to lose weight, we immediately take away all the sugar we have been eating all this time. This is a counteractive thing to do because it is going to bring on cravings. In this case you are more apt to reach out for even more foods that contain sugar. This is counterproductive to weight loss. This goes back to mind set and changing your habits and not just diet.

Why “dieting” doesn’t work and how sugar fits in:

When you diet you are essentially starving your body of calories by way of elimination or limitation of certain foods. What this does is throw your body into a tailspin of compensation. Your brain thinks it’s starving and will essentially hold on to what you eat and you will lose water weight and then wonder why you peak so quickly.

When you want to lose weight, yes, you should cut out sugar but you need to do it slowly and wean yourself off of the stuff—this takes a change in mindset. You need to take stock in what you eat each day and what the foods are that make you gain the weight the most. If it is soda, or cake or sweets or fats you need to list those. Then set the stage for success and begin to slowly and permanently substitute these foods. You will see that you will feel better and won’t be craving things because you

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Low-Carb Diet Best for Diabetes

diabetes diet

Choosing a low carbohydrate diet might be the perfect fit for a diabetic. By reducing the amount of sugar taken in, the diabetic will be able to create a steady blood sugar and also lose

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New Zero Calorie Sweeteners

New Zero Calorie Sweeteners

If your sweet tooth has given you more trouble than you think it should, you should look into trying some of these new zero calorie sweeteners. Using zero calorie sweeteners not only helps you to keep your calorie intake low, but some of them even add other benefits, such as more fiber to your

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Designing Your Own Hunger Free Diet

Hunger Free Diet

The idea of a hunger free diet is something many dieters dream of, myself included. Although this concept may seem far fetched, there are a number of diet techniques that can be combined in a healthy diet that will work miracles in helping reduce

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Sports Drinks Hinder Weight Loss

Sports Drinks Hinder Weight Loss

What many people don’t realize is that the body has plenty of calories to use during workouts of less than one hour. Unless you are going over this time period, you do not need to add any more calories to your day with sports drinks – especially when you want to lose

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Weight Loss Benefits of Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is marketed as a weight loss aid because of its ability to increase metabolism, stabilize blood sugar and decrease appetite.

Vinegar has a rather strong taste that is difficult to get past and adding it to your daily diet can be challenging. However, it is the reason vinegar has such a potent flavor that also gives it some unique weight loss

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Cinnamon Prevents Insulin Resistance

Cinnamon has many health benefits, but one that is important for weight loss is its ability to prevent and reverse insulin resistance.

Cinnamon is more than just a spice that can be added to food or drinks to give them an extra tasty flavor. One of its most important benefits from a weight loss and health perspective is that it cinnamon prevents insulin

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Weight Loss Benefits of Protein

Eating foods rich in protein, such as eggs and fish, benefit weight loss by stabilizing blood sugar levels and curbing hunger.

When you are trying to lose weight you need to do what you can to curb hunger by feeding your body foods that take longer to process and don’t cause spikes in blood sugar. One of the best weight loss foods is protein and increasing the amount of protein that you eat in your daily diet can be the key to your dieting

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Carb Protein Fat Ratio in a Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Following the recommended carb protein fat ratio in your diet will help you to lose more weight or overcome a weight loss plateau.

There are a few things to understand about fats, carbs, and proteins that will help any dieter. The more a person knows about what they are eating and why they are eating them, the more powerful their diet is going to be for

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Weight Loss Foods That Improve Your Mood

There are many foods that not only help you to lose weight, but will help to improve your mood. Yes, it's true, losing weight can make you happier, at least as far as your foods are concerned.

Do you want to feel better, happier and more relaxed without turning to that tub of double chocolate fudge ice cream for comfort? Try adding some of these weight loss foods that improve your mood to your daily

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