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Off-Topic Chat There's more to life than losing weight. Here is where you can come to discuss everything else.

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Old 06-10-17, 10:33 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Join Date: Nov 2011
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Default Should I give up shampoo?

I've got a question. If I stopped washing my hair would it eventually balance out and look alright again? If so, how long would this take. Also, how do I clean my hair if I don't use shampoo?

I'm asking these questions because I'm trying to cut out all the garbage from my diet and that I apply to my skin and hair that's not good for me. I'm trying to adopt a more natural lifestyle.
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Old 06-11-17, 07:59 AM   #2 (permalink)
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I get why your asking is question and some people do find that their scalp is better when they stop washing their hair with shampoo... but It takes weeks for your hair to rebalance and most people hate the process. Personally I couldn't do it.
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Old 06-17-17, 01:03 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Posts: 139

I don't see that there is any harm and just trying it out and see how it works for you. You will need to accept that your scalp rebalancing process isn't going to happen overnight or even in a week. Be prepared for a couple of months of just flat out not liking your hair. That said, I know a few people who have done it (given up shampoo that is) and who are so glad that they did. Apparently - even if you have oily hair - your scalp will eventual find a balance and your hair won't be gross anymore. I believe that in order to keep hair clean, people simply rinse it under water.

That said, as I stated, there is no harm and seeing if it works for you. If you find you just can't stand it and shampoo isn't actually bothering your scalp, you can always go back to your normal routine :)
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Old Today, 09:06 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Join Date: Apr 2012
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Ugh. I tried this and hated it. I have oily hair and I was hoping that going off shampoo would help it...but by the second week of not using shampoo I was so miserable I just couldn't deal with the feeling of my hair anymore. I just had to accept the fact that I'm a shampoo girl.
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