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Old 10-05-12, 05:09 AM   #11 (permalink)
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It is very true. By drinking water you can lose your weight also it helps to keep your skin and body healthy.
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You can also drink fresh fruit juice that has been heavily watered down. I don't mean fruit juice that has "ingredients" in it. I mean the ones where you look at the label, and all it says is "orange juice" or "apple juice" and nothing else.

I add half a glass of juice to half a glass of water and have that as my sweet treat after supper! It stops me from craving a dessert.
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Old 10-11-12, 01:31 AM   #13 (permalink)
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I think instead of tea, green tea is better option. it is healthy and keeps you refreshing.
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Old 10-12-12, 01:32 AM   #14 (permalink)
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Not just for losing weight, but water is a direct, simple and effective way of caring for your body. Two-thirds of the body consists of water, and it is therefore crucial for our survival. We lose 1.7 liters (3pints) of water a day, mainly from the kidneys as urine, but also from the skin and lungs.
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drinking water means you are talking about water at room temperature, then it is good for weight loss
but if you are taking chilled water then you may gain weight (My weight was gained from 65Kg to 68Kg) I used to drink 4-5ltrs of chilled water for 90 days weight loss program.
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Old 10-18-12, 06:47 AM   #16 (permalink)
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Water is best way to lose your weight. i suggest you instead of tea you can have green tea to lose weight.
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Old 02-04-13, 04:40 PM   #17 (permalink)
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Is coffee the same as tea as long as you drink it black?
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starving yourself from thirst and water is not at all a good thing to weight loss
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Originally Posted by legendarytroy View Post
I like tea and water and all, but it just doesn't cut it to get me going in the morning. Is coffee alright as long as I don't add any sugar or milk/cream to it and drink it black?
Yeah, coffee is great! It has 0 calories when you drink it black, and lots of new research suggests it may accelerate metabolism a small amount for a short time.

Another good thing to drink is tea with a squeeze of lemon. The lemon is really great for your liver and makes a light detox for those who enjoy detox. There are a lot of articles that taut the benefits of a squeeze of lemon in the morning for healthy weight and good digestion.
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I've found that drinking hot tea with one teaspoon (or less) of honey--especially "local" honey--is great. And local honey will help with environmental allergies, too!
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