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Welcome to Coastal Trek Health & Fitness Resort - a beautiful new all-inclusive destination resort perched atop picturesque Forbidden Plateau on Vancouver Island. Coastal Trek offers personalized health, hiking and fitness programs. If you need a place to get outdoors, gain health, and lose weight then contact us for your next active vacation. Breathtaking natural settings, gorgeous interior spaces, delicious west coast cuisine, highly-accomplished fitness instructors and professional hiking guides introduce our challenging and rewarding program.


Coastal Trek Health and Fitness Resort


At Coastal Trek Resort we provide a structured, fully personalized seven day health, hiking & fitness program, guiding you through integrated activities and wellness education giving you the tools to maintain a new, healthy lifestyle.


Rates (2008): Per Person Rates


1 WEEK $3595.00

After one week you will feel relaxed, stronger, fitter and you will also be equipped with recipes, nutritional knowledge, cooking tips and exercise routines to help you build and maintain the Coastal Trek Lifestyle into your daily life at home. You will take away lasting memories and a will to return!

2 WEEKS $6650.00

A two week stay can be extremely helpful to the individual looking to make a real impact on body weight and fitness. If it is a challenge you are looking for, then two weeks will provide plenty of opportunity to push yourself and acheive new heights in health and fitness.

3 WEEKS $9775.00

Three weeks is a big professional and personal commitment for many, and by staying on for such a significant period you can build your fitness to a full and lasting level that, with maintenance and further training, can be ideal preparation for sporting events and extreme recreation such as mountain climbing. With our unique ability to address your individual needs three weeks ensures results on all levels.



1 WEEK $5995.00


These rates are in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes.


Program features include private luxury accommodation, chef prepared healthy cuisine, daily guided hikes, yoga classes, personalized fitness training, weight management, healthy cooking demonstration and stress management. Enjoy our steam room and outdoor hot tub after a long day of activity.

Additional activities can include consultation with a nutritionist, kayaking and mountain biking.



This new feature week is the usual seven day program rate of 3595$ (as above) with an additional fee of 995$


Contact Information:

Telephone: 1-250-897-8735

Website: www.coastaltrekresort.com

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coastal trek
Is Coastal Trek still open? I haven’t been in a long time but I thought I’d just talk about it anyway since it’s such a great place. So if it’s still open, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about going there. I went in July of 2013, so clearly there has been some time that has passed. I can’t imagine that it would have changed too much between now and then if it is still open. I wanted to find a place where I could have a vacation that was very active. I was just starting my weight loss plan at the time and I didn’t want to go on vacation only to have to come home and basically start over with my diet. I wanted a place that would let me be able to go on hikes and do things like that but where I could still really enjoy food and where I could be able to relax, rejuvenate and get a lot of rest. This is the perfect place for that. I can’t say enough good things about it. Just because I was there and hoping to lose weight, I didn’t feel that I was getting any less than I would have if I’d had stayed at any other kind of luxury resort. It is a very well maintained, very clean place with a wonderful and friendly staff. OF course, it’s hard to notice all of that great stuff because the view is so nice so you end up standing there like an idiot just looking at it, a lot. The nighttime is extremely quiet and the beds are very comfortable. Expect to sleep better than you ever have. I sure did. I am not a morning person so I didn’t always go to the yoga that is at 6:30 in the morning. I did go a couple of times, though and I was surprised at how refreshing it was and how much it really does prepare you for the day. It’s just that I can’t talk myself out of bed at that early hour to attend a class, no matter how good it is. I did look forward to it the night before, but when the morning rolled around, I couldn’t always get going. I found that the instructor was extremely patient with me, even though I’ve almost never done yoga before and I really don’t have that much flexibility. Even after a couple of classes, though, I know that I was already improving at what we were doing. If there was something that could get me out of bed, though, it was the breakfasts. They were amazing and were obviously made to keep you going until lunch. I was glad that there wasn’t any judgment that I still wanted to have coffee in the morning. I loved the hiking part the most. I felt like I was learning a lot at the same time that I was hiking all over the place with the guide. I loved Mount Becher, the most, I think. It was always quite the day and I felt like I was getting an experience that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. The guide, like everyone else at the resort, is really knowledgeable so it felt good to be doing things with people who were as passionate about their jobs as they were.
Michael Cromwell
Accept the shuttle service
My girlfriend and I went to Coastal Trek resort on a much needed vacation. This was our first one together and we wanted it to be great. I had wanted to fly in and drive there ourselves with a rented car but she didn’t want to go through that bother because the resort has a free shuttle from the airport. She was right. I can admit it. It was a beautiful drive and I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate it all if I was behind the wheel and focused on the road. The place itself is beautiful and very peaceful. It was the best way to completely get away from living in the city. It’s really what you expect from a place that is designed to be peaceful. The staff is hugely friendly. Andrea gave us a great reception when we first arrived and then we got to our room and to discovering the place. I didn’t think that it would be cool to do yoga at the crack of dawn, but my girlfriend insisted and I have to say that while it sucked having to get up so early on the first full day there, you really do snap out of it once you get going with the yoga thing. That day we tried to do as much awesome stuff as we could, and went right to breakfast after that. We took a good hike after that with a really good guide. He clearly knows the place and knows what he’s doing. He didn’t mind that we wanted to take a few selfies along the way and even showed us a few berries we could pick. Overall it just really felt like we were getting back to nature. The trails were just great. I would have been completely lost if it wasn’t for the guide but I like that he gave us options so that we could choose the direction and challenge that we wanted. The evenings were good. That’s when we did most of the socializing with other guests. The music at the wood fireplace was a nice touch. Unwinding in the hot tub after all of that was the best. It felt like they just dropped a peaceful part of nature right within reach of where people have urbanized the area, so that you can get right away from all of it. It was definitely an escape and it had everything that you want to be natural as well as everything you want if you just want to spoil yourself and be snooty and pampered. I’d really live like that every day if I had a winning lottery ticket. I wonder if they would let me just move right in and stay there if I ever did get the multimillions! As a small note, I just watned to point out that as far as I could tell, every one of the rooms were aimed in the direction of the best view. That was a nice touch.
Tiffany Mulroney
Best of everything
I recently spent a full week at Coastal Trek and I can’t believe how impressed I am. It was a part of a program through my work so I didn’t have to pay for all of it which is why I was able to stay for a full week. It’s pretty pricy so I wouldn’t have been able to afford it, but my gosh if I could I’d come back at any moment I possibly could. Even though I’m currently trying to lose weight, I didn’t go to the spa for that reason. I just wanted to take part in the program and get a vacation in at the same time that would be a healthy one. I just wanted to go somewhere that I wouldn’t come back with 5 pounds of souvenirs and 10 pounds of extra fat like I do from a lot of other vacations that I take. I’ve been to Canada before and I’ve always had good trips. I can’t say that I appreciated the mosquitoes outside in the evenings, too much, but I can’t exactly blame the spa for that! I can’t believe how much sleep and rest I got. I feel like I was really able to recover from my life. I was nearly the only person there for the whole week. There were more on the weekends, but other than that I had a ton of service and attention just for me! At first I was a bit nervous that they might reduce offerings, shut some things down, and cut back on staff because of the minimal guests, but it turned out that I just felt like I had the place nearly to myself and everything was aimed just at me. The place itself is incredible. It’s exceptionally clean, perfectly maintained, and the view is absolutely perfect. It’s dead quiet at night. Again, I can’t tell you enough how well I slept. It’s the perfect place for getting rest even if you usually struggle with sleep when you travel, as I do. I was so well rested that I was able to get out of bed with the sunrise. That’s saying something since I’m one of those people who usually drags themselves out of bed every morning. Not here! I felt like I had springs on my feet and I went bounding out of bed to face the day. I liked the yoga, first thing. I haven’t ever done morning yoga before but I’ve been trying to keep it up even since I went to Coastal Trek. I had only ever done evening yoga to unwind, in the past. Still even over the time that I stayed at the resort, I can definitely tell that my technique improved. The instructor there, Helen (or Helena, I’m so ashamed that I can’t remember) was fantastic! Just fantastic! Breakfast was incredible and the coffee was great. I know a lot of people opt out of coffee when they go to these types of places but I really didn’t want to have to deal with coffee withdrawal, so I granted myself one cup. The meal itself was fresh, flavorful, and nutritious. I felt ready to face the day once I’d had it. I went on hikes with Shane (sp?) and loved that experience several times during the week. I liked that he paid attention to my skill level on the first day and then was able to design the hikes for the rest of...
Bobby Rodney
OMG I’m so lucky
Holy crap I am so incredibly lucky to have chosen Coastal Trek for my vacation instead of some other place. I had actually had another place in mind when I booked my vacation but that place was filled up by the time I was ready to actually make my reservations so I chose this place as my second. From now on, this will be my first choice every time. I can’t believe how great it is! I didn’t even sign up for any of the weight loss things. I just wanted to go there because I wanted to see a bit of nature in Canada, I wanted to be active, and I wanted to go on a really good vacation that didn’t have me gaining a whole pile of weight while I was away. I didn’t care if I actually lost weight, I just didn’t want any new pounds to contend with when I got home. I wanted to be able to be active, see a lot of great things, to breathe fresh air, to catch up on my sleep, and to recover from my life for a little bit. The place wasn’t busy. In fact, it was easy to go for a long time without even seeing another guest. I think there were a handful of others that were there at the same time as me. That wasn’t bad at all. It mean that I had a ton of space to myself, nothing was ever too booked up for me, and I never found that I was getting crusty service because there weren’t a lot of people there to serve. Just the opposite. It felt sort of like I had my very own personal resort and everyone was there just for me! The entire resort is absolutely flawless. Everything is very well maintained and is sparkling clean. It’s so quiet at night that it was almost disorienting at first…until I started getting the best sleep of my life! I can’t believe how well I slept while I was there. Between the comfortable beds and the silence, I think that I would go back just to achieve that level of rest. I’m not a morning person, usually, but I found myself falling asleep so quickly and sleeping so solidly that I was usually out of bed pretty early in the morning – like 6:30 or 7 – and I was really energized. By the second morning I was actually feeling happy to wake up and was ready to face the day. Normally it takes at least two strong coffees to get me anywhere near that point. I tried the morning yoga one day but I really didn’t feel that was for me. It felt nice and everything but I like an entry into the day that is slightly lazier than that. I felt like I really made up for it with the hikes that I went on. They were all personalized and had everything I need so that I didn’t have to think about anything. I just got dressed and headed out the door. When I got into the room and found out there was no tv, I thought I might freak a little bit but I actually found that I didn’t need it. And then over time I was actually really happy not to have the tv. It was great to disconnect. I just seem to watch tv out of the habit of doing it not because I actually need it. So I didn’t find that I missed it at all when it w...
Save up, it's worth it
I went to Coastal Trek for one week (I wish I could have afforded more!) and it was the week from heaven. I know that it’s a weight loss resort, but that’s not why I went. I am on a diet, but I went so that I would be able to take an active vacation, that I could go to Canada, and that I wouldn’t end up coming home with five or ten additional pounds that I didn’t leave with. This was the perfect option for me. I didn’t need to focus on losing weight and I didn’t need to worry about gaining, either, because it was all set up for me so that I could enjoy the best of both worlds. I also liked the fact that it would allow me to actually rest and relax and so I wouldn’t have to go home and require time to actually recover from the vacation that I took! Throughout the time that I was there, I was the only one in the entire place for the middle of the week. I thought that was weird, at first, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was an absolutely amazing opportunity and that I couldn’t have been happier to have a resort all to myself. I never at any time felt that the resort offerings were decreased just because there didn’t seem to be a huge number of guests there. In fact, I felt the exact opposite, which was phenomenal. Everything was readily available whenever I wanted it with no waiting required. The resort itself is an amazing place. It is very clean, it is up to date, it is very well maintained. The views from the windows are all unbelievably scenic and it is completely quiet at night. I’ve never slept that well in my entire life. I was pretty convinced that I wouldn’t like yoga first thing in the morning (6:30!!!) but I let Helen convince me because she seemed so nice. Even though I am far from being a morning person, I really did start to look forward to it! I’m still wondering if that really happened or if it was a dream haha. I’ve barely done any yoga in my life and she was very patient with me. Over the week, I know that I improved quite a bit in both my understanding and even in my abilities. Breakfast is fresh, tasty, and healthy. I decided to cut back on caffeine while I was there to see how I could manage and I found that I was perfectly happy with just the one cup (usually I drink 2 or 3). The hiking guide that I had for the week was Shayne, who was great. The only time that changed was when I went up Mount Becher, which I did with Helen. Shayne was also very patient, and was great at encouraging without being a drill sergeant, and was very knowledgeable about hiking and about the area. After doing the first hike together he planned the full week out based on my confidence levels and abilities and how they would grow with every day. I truly appreciated that and by the end of the week, it was very clear that he knew what he was doing. Andrea prepared iced tea and a snack for me at the end of every day, which I loved, and she made bag lunches for the hikes that were inte...
lost stress and weight
I got more out of my vacation to the Coastal Trek Health & Fitness Resort than I have from any other vacation that I’ve taken in my life. This experience even outdid the trip through Europe that I took when I was still in college. I have never been to a place that was so luxurious and that was still able to provide a completely fulfilling physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience at the same time. I found the Pacific Northwest as a whole to be absolutely stunning. The hikes in that area were challenging but not too much to make them purifying. I also loved the spa, itself, for its comfortable rooms, yoga and other classes, Jacuzzis, steam room and other ways that I could just completely let go, unwind, and de-stress. The food was absolutely flavorful in every way. They must have one of the best chefs in that part of the country to continually provide meals of that level. The views of the Salish sea, while being surrounded by a stunning and healthy forest were exactly what I needed from my stay. I loved Andrea and Shane for the way that their program was laid back but still very well structured to ensure a smooth experience. The yoga from Helen was exceptional for getting me alert and feeling great and ready for my hikes every morning. The hikes with Shayne were not just a cookie cutter but were created based on the fitness levels and goals of the participants, which I truly appreciated. I had two massages while I was there, and they were both exactly what I needed to unwind and relax after I got back. All of the people who work there are accommodating and cheerful. Their thoughtfulness really stood out to me. Although I had a huge amount of decadent food to eat, I still managed to lose four pounds while I was there!
good but wouldn't go back
My boyfriend took me to the Coastal Trek Health and Fitness Resort for my last milestone birthday because we wanted to do something special but he knew that I was trying to be healthy and diet to lose weight. He chose this place because it was still an international vacation, but we could drive there, as opposed to having to fly out to Europe to one of their health resorts, which would have cost a lot more. We were there for the last week of August, which was a bit on the hot side, but the evenings cooled down a lot, and it wasn’t too bad in the early morning (when a lot of the really active stuff happened anyway). I was really nervous about the hiking since I hadn’t really built up to being in good shape yet, and I’ve never really been all that outdoorsy, but the guide was super nice and they made sure that nothing strained anyone beyond their healthy comfort level. It was challenging, but I never felt like I was overdoing it or like I was just going to die (yes, I’m a wimp haha). The hikes were absolutely beautiful. It was interesting enough just being out there, that it was easy not to think about left-right-left, which I thought would be my main problem. It’s also good that everything gets started early in the day. I liked getting going with yoga before the hikes since that really gets you feeling great and energized but before it gets too hot outside. I’d never done yoga before, either, but I have been doing it ever since because I find it so calming and energizing at the same time. The food was amazing and very flavorful, but I think that it could have done for a lower calorie option or perhaps smaller portions because for the whole time I was there, I didn’t lose a single pound. Even with all that exercising! So I think it was a fantastic place, though I don’t think I’d go back. For the price, I’d like to lose at least one pound!
Coastal Trek Spa
My boyfriend and I decided to spend our vacation at a health spa to make sure that we’d have fun and stay on track at the same time (with the hopes of being spoiled like crazy, too). We compared a lot of different packages but chose Coastal Trek resort because it seemed to be a little bit more affordable than some of the others. It meant that we’d be able to drive there instead of fly, so we thought we’d save money on airfare. We went in the first part of September this year which was considered to be their off season. Turned out that we were the only ones there for a while, even though there was fantastic weather. We were both a little bit concerned with the amount of physical activity that would be required in the fitness part of the spa, like the hikes that they advertise, but their promises to keep the hikes geared to the experience and fitness level were kept. Throughout the week’s stay, we had three different guides and they were all very friendly and considerate (Lisa, Mike, and Shayne). Though all of the hikes were challenging, they were also fun and beautiful. Our days generally started with just over an hour of yoga. I’ve never been much of a fan of yoga, but my boyfriend enjoyed it most days. The instructor, Helen, was extremely helpful. Breakfast came after yoga, and it was very flavorful. The chef was the manager and co-owner, Andrea. There were lots of fresh and local ingredients. Suppers were quite large. Because of that, despite all of the exercise and hiking, both myself and my boyfriend gained weight! I can’t say we were thrilled with that fact, but I think that even though we gained weight, we were in better shape by the time we left, so losing weight has been a little easier since then. Andrea did promise to email us some of her recipes, but we never did receive them. That’s probably good, considering the weight gain issue. The package we used include two massages for each of us, but I wasn’t too wild about them. I did feel that Elizabeth was very professional, and she did spend a little bit of extra time on the problem areas she asked us about at the beginning, but essentially she seemed to have a program that she follows, and that’s what she did no matter what our original discussion included. Overall, we did enjoy the friendly, considerate, relaxing, experience at this spa.

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