The Main Differences Between Real and Artificial Sugars

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Many foods and drinks claim to be much better for you because they will use artificial sugars rather than the reals ones. They claim that these are much better for your body and can prevent issues like diabetes and other health problems. But are these claims really true? In many cases, it is better to go with the real sugars rather than sacrificing your with the artificial sugars. The artificial ones are often added into diet products and low fat options in order to give you the same kind of taste that you would like if there were more fat in the product. But in reality, it would be better to eat the fat rather than to have all of those artificial sugars in your diet. First, let’s look at the similarities. The artificial sugars are still going to do the same things as the regular sugars in that they can raise your blood sugar levels up and cause diabetes just as quickly. You are not really getting much of a benefit here other than a bit of a reduction in the fat and for most people, unless they have been eating lower fat foods for a while, can point out in no time that there is a difference in taste. But the ways the two sugars are different are the things you should be worried about. When you take in sugar, your brain is going to be able to regulate how much dopamine is being released and if you are going to feel rewarded. Studies have been done that show when humans are eating lower or zero calorie items during a time when they feel tired or hungry, they have a much higher risk of consuming more sugar and calories later on. The brain can tell when it is not being given sugar or energy and it will force you to eat more. Despite that lower calorie snack earlier in the day, if you overcompensate for it at supper time and eat twice as much as normal, you are going to find that the weight is going to pack on, along with the other health issues. And since the artificial sugars are really not that much healthier in terms of blood sugars, and perhaps even worse since you might consume more sugar than necessary later, you may want to just stick with the regular sugar in your diet.