Is Eating a Big Breakfast a Good Idea?

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For many years, it has been touted that you should take the time for eating a big breakfast each day in order to see the best results when it comes to losing weight. You will need to make sure that it is well balanced though. You cannot go and have ten big donuts and expect to get the weight loss benefits that are promised with eating a big breakfast. Rather, having some carbs, a serving of lean protein, and on occasion some chocolate, you may be able to lose weight because your appetite is going to be in check all day long.The study To start, there was a study done that compared obese women who were eating a big breakfast to those in the same demographic group who ate a smaller breakfast. At the end of eight months, those in the big breakfast group were able to lose 40 pounds while the other lost about 9 pounds overall.What is a big breakfast? If these results were enough to convince you into eating a big breakfast, you might be curious what would count as one. You could start out with some coffee with a bit of cream, two regular size cups of milk, three roast beef slices, a turkey breast, two pieces of cheese, and two pieces of bread with some butter. On the other side, those who ate the low carb breakfast and only lost 9 pounds were eating four ounces of milk, coffee without any additions, two small teaspoons of butter, an egg, and three slices of bacon.Validity Some people are not sure if this is valid and if you should really go for it. With the two meals above, the first one is 600 calories and the second is 350. The researchers state that those in the first group tend to only eat 600 more calories during the day after this while the small breakfast would eat 750. Still, the calories would point to the second group losing more weight. Plus the amount of fat in the first meal could cause some extra heart health issues. Still, eating a healthy and whole breakfast could be a good idea for you. It can help you get the energy that you need to turn up the metabolism, get it working right, and to feel energized to go throughout the whole day.