Healthy Ways to Add Flavor to Vegetables

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Adding flavor to vegetables is something on the minds of people everywhere. That’s because well, veggies aren’t always that exciting to be honest. They can be bland but there are ways to flavor them as well as ways to cook them to make sure the natural flavor stays intact. The natural flavor of vegetables is actually quite good when combined with the right preparation. Here we will touch on these elements in brief so you can make an educated choice in how to add flavor to vegetables.


Natural Organic veggies:


The more natural and organic the vegetables--the better the flavor will be. Part of the reason why veggies are so bland is the way they are actually stored and processed. Anyone that has ever lived on a farm and tasted true green veggies knows the taste of the earth and nothing is lost from the ground to the table.


Though our produce is grown on farms, it is not brought to us in nearly a wholesome way. It sits for days and then gets sprayed with some poison and lays in a warehouse and then on a shelf. It gets processed or frozen and not always immediately flash frozen. It gets beat up well before it gets to your table. So, it only makes sense that the better stuff is organic with no GMO’s and pesticides as well as other icky taste killing things. So this is one way to start with as much natural flavor as possible. If you need to freeze fresh vegetables then get yourself some vacuum bags and take the air right out of them.


Other ways to add flavor to veggies:


Now, If you like it sweet honey--even raw honey is great for flavoring. It can be used on any vegetable at all. You can brush it on during the cooking process--or to keep the vitamins in as long as possible, you can steam them and use the honey after they are done.


Almost everyone uses salt but because it will inevitably cause high blood pressure it is best practice to leave it out. Using lemon and lime will work real well. Make chicken stock homemade and cook the veggies in that or make a gravy from it with wheat flour or rice flour--something light. Garlic and onions are also a great accompaniment to any vegetable.


The key to adding flavor to veggies is not to take it as a seasoning but rather adding anything to the flavor of the veggies. Onions and garlic are a very tasty way to add to a vegetable dish as well as sweet peppers. They too are vegetables that actually flavor vegetables you see?