Crucial Protein Maintains Healthy Heart Beat

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If you think of your heart as a metronome, as a lot of medical professionals do, you will then be able to see just how important it is for this vital organ to maintain a steady beat. After all, the rest of your body depends on it. Even the slightest irregular fluctuation in your heart can cause significant damage to your body, and it can also kill you. Luckily, modern science has recently lead to a revolutionary discovery – one that shows how a single crucial protein maintains healthy heart rhythms. With the average human heart beating around 2.5 billion times throughout a lifetime, finding ways of protecting its function and longevity becomes increasingly imperative with age. For that reason, knowing what this vital protein actually is might be the key to improving your chances of living a longer and healthier life.


Heart Smart Facts and Figures

The human heart is a muscle which builds and maintains itself with a variety of essential proteins just like any other muscle in the body. Throughout the average lifetime, which can span as long as 70+ years, a heart must be able to sustain a consistent rhythm, or else serious consequences can occur without warning. Each year, millions of people all over the world suffer the effects of or die from some sort of arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). Now modern science is showing us how a certain protein maintains healthy heart beats.


The Powerful Protein

So, what is this powerful protein and how can the average person get more of it into their body? It is known as C protein, or more specifically, myosin binding protein-C. It is basically in charge of synchronizing the rhythm of the heart organ and does so through conducting a symphony of muscle fiber contractions. This recent groundbreaking discovery, published not too long ago in the journal Science Advances, illustrates just how this protein maintains healthy heart beats. Getting more of this essential protein in the body is not as difficult as one might think.


Lifestyle Matters

The way you live your life – the habits, hobbies, and vices with which you identify – certainly matters when it comes to the overall health of your heart. Getting enough protein is essential to your body’s ability to produce and maintain muscle. Talk to your doctor or with a certified nutritionist for more information on how to safely get more myosin binding protein-C into your body.