Better Homes and Gardens Diet

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This is the diet for people who love to cook. The New Dieters Cookbook put out by Better Homes and Gardens magazine is a calorie counting approach to food intake. Based on an outdated version of the USDA Food Guide Pyramid it determines your optimal caloric intake by sex, age and weight. The three step plan consists of a daily weigh in, totaling your daily caloric intake and devising your own eating plan from 6 main food groups (meat and meat substitutes, milk and dairy, vegetables, fruit, grains and fats and sweets.

The book contains over 100 tasty recipes all approved by the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen and has the added bonus of being vegetarian friendly. The drawback to this diet is the complicated math required for all the graphs and charts used to measure the amount of calories in each serving. Choices from a wide spectrum of exercise programs are encouraged along with the meal plans. Because this diet is so specific some users find it difficult to stick too. Available at Better Homes and Gardens website.

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