Blood Type Diet

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Finally, here is a diet that all the professional nutritional and health experts come together and agree on. And their learned collective opinion is that this diet is nonsense with absolutely no scientific basis. The theory formulated by Peter D’Adamo, naturopath, is that the most important factor in determining your diet is your ABO blood type. He postulates that different types of blood groups require different foods specific to that blood type for maximum health benefits. He believes that the lectins (sugar binding proteins) found in food stuffs react differently from one blood type to another. For example according to him, the Type O blood group are dominant hunter personalities who should stick to red meat where as the people who fall under Type A are more docile, should meditate and eat a vegetarian diet


However, no clinical trials or biochemical research has been done about the Blood Type Diet or the effect of Lectins with different blood types to support these claims. In his book ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type’ published ten years ago, he explains his far out ideas by overwhelming the reader with medical mumbo-jumbo.


The first item you will encounter at his web-site is a lengthy rant about “filtered broadcasting” regarding the media. What’s that about? He also sells supplements on his web-site which are geared to your specific blood type group. You will also find a list of which foods are to be consumed or avoided, once again depending on what your blood type is. This web-site is not particularly user friendly. Peter D’Adamo has recently published a second book entitled ‘The Geno Type’ where he supposedly investigates his theories further. This book, like the first one and his web-site, rely heavily on testimonials rather than proven facts. So until actual research and testing have been carried out supporting D’Adamo\'s claims, the criticisms about Peter D\'Adamo and his Blood Type Diet will continue.

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