The McDonalds Diet

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Yes this really is a fast food chain diet and what probably keeps Ronald McDonald so slim. The McDonald's Diet has you eat at McDonald's three times a day for 30 days on less than 2000 calories daily (variable). There are published reports, such as in the Guinness Book of Records, that show the McDonald's Diet has been done resulting in significant weight loss. Caution is advised, however, before undertaking this diet as reported in the eye opening documentary Super Size Me, where a daily McDonald's diet resulted in some very serious medical issues and highly compromised health.


Online at the official McDonald's website, people interested in following the McDonald's Diet can find complete nutritional information and breakdowns of all the food McDonald's serves, right down to the salt, pepper and ketchup. If you love McDonald's enough to give this diet a try, do yourself a favor before you start and consult with your doctor. The McDonald's Diet is not recommended as a healthy diet and people wishing to lose weight would be much better off to follow a structured 2000 calorie diet plan that has been developed by dietitians and is complemented with regular physical activity.

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