The Wu Long Tea Diet (Oolong Tea)

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The Wu Long, or as it is more well known in the western world Oolong, tea diet is very simple and extremely affordable. Wu Long tea is grown in China and, although not a rare tea, is prepared by a specialized production process. The tea is claimed to be the “worlds most powerful fat burner”.


There has been much documented research done into the health benefits of tea by both China and Japan as well as the United States to support claims that some teas are very beneficial for overall wellness.


Wu Long tea properties include anti-oxidants and amino acids which lessen the absorption of carbohydrates and fats. The tea is reported to raise metabolism and energy levels, suppress appetite, lower blood sugar, and aid with digestion, boost the immune system and improve skin conditions. This self proclaimed “slimming tea” is an all natural product unlike some herbal teas sold for weight loss that include diuretics or laxatives. The only cost of trying this diet is the price of the tea bags.

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