Diets for Children and Teens

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Diet Guide for Children and Teenagers

Official diet guidelines for healthy children and teens over 2-3 years of age recommend the following:

Child/Teen Calorie-Intake By Macronutrient

Pediatric dietitians and nutritionists advise that a child\'s or teenagers intake of dietary fat should conform to the following averages:

General Eating Habits of Children and Teens

A healthy diet is best achieved by following these general rules:

Diet Nutrition For Children and Teens

A balanced diet which includes foods from all main food groups, and which contains enough energy to support a healthy weight, should meet or exceed the recommended daily allowances for all nutrients for children and teens, including iron and calcium.

Parents Role in Healthy Eating For Children and Teens

Parental shopping, cooking and eating habits have a direct influence on a child\'s or teenager\'s diet. Therefore parents can help promote good nutrition by setting a good example. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise should be a regular part of your family\'s life. If parents eat high-fat or high calorie foods and take no exercise, chances are their children and teens will eat and exercise in the same way!

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