Fiber 35 Diet

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The Fiber 35 Diet was originally developed by Certified Nutritional Consultant Brenda Watson. It is Watson’s claim that if a diet is reduced in calories and increased in fiber, then a great deal of weight loss is possible. According to Watson, it is fiber that helps to keep cravings and pangs under control and that maintains more consistent blood sugar levels.  


The name of the Fiber 35 Diet is actually its central premise: that you should eat 35 grams of fiber on a daily basis. However, the average person in the United States typically consumes only half of that amount every day.


The Fiber 35 Diet also requires a reduction in the amount of refined sugars that are consumed, and overly processed foods must be replaced with high fiber alternatives such as fruit, beans, vegetables, and whole grains.


There are three primary phases to this diet:



Most people who use the Fiber 35 Diet will start at the first phase and continue it for about two weeks before taking the next step in the second phase.


Watson published a book with the title of the diet in order to provide dieters with detailed instructions regarding these phases and how to adhere to them. It also recommends that dieters exercise and perform body cleanses.


Among the resources available to individuals who join the free membership at the official website are daily meal tracking and calorie intake tools. Predesigned eating schedules can be chosen and shopping lists for their required foods are provided along with the necessary recipes.







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