Flexitarian Diet

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The Flexitarian Diet is considered to be a lifestyle change more than a simple weight loss diet. It is not for everyone as it does require some dramatic alterations to the foods that are consumed, and it is expected that these habits will continue indefinitely – not just until the weight has come off. A Flexitarian diet is one that is virtually vegetarian, but not entirely. It is not considered to be either a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet, as meat of some kind is occasionally eaten – though it is not a main part of a flexitarian’s diet.


While many nutritionists and weight loss experts do consider lean meats, fish, eggs, and poultry to be an important part of keeping proteins and other nutrients high throughout weight loss, the Flexitarian Diet takes a slightly different approach to the approach to eating.


Though meat consumption is reduced, there is no commitment to eating an only plant-based diet. It views the consumption of meat as an “extra” which can occasionally occur, but is not the primary staple. Its followers often appreciate this view as not every member of a family may necessarily be on a diet to lose weight and not everyone in the household will necessarily want to follow the Flexitarian Diet’s rules. That being said, there are times when it is much easier to prepare a whole meal that contains meat than one that does and one that does not include meat. Therefore, it allows for a high level of convenience when compared to many other diets that alter the types of food that are consumed.


The Flexitarian Diet also focuses heavily on daily food consumption that is nutritionally complete – something that many people believe cannot be entirely accomplished if meat is fully eliminated at all times. Meat does contain nutrients that are necessary to proper health and Flexitarian Diet followers feel that these nutrients are difficult or impossible to obtain through supplementation or strictly plant-based means.


The Flexitarian Diet also acknowledges that taste and texture are vital to consistently eating in a healthy way. Keeping a low intake of meat, according to this diet, helps to reduce cravings so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle without regularly giving into high-fat, low-nutrition foods. Though the diet does allow for the occasional guilt-free low-nutrition meal, the perceived need for it is lowered when meat is permitted on occasion.


Overall, a Flexitarian Diet attempts to provide a person with the ability to consume a reasonable, practical, realistic healthy diet without the cravings that lead to weight gain and hinder weight loss. For the right people, the diet can create a lifestyle of healthy choices that will continue well after the goal weight has been achieved.

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