Hibernation Diet

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Many think of bears and bees when they think of hibernation. There are other animals that sleep through particular seasons (usually cold winters) and are nourished by their own bodies and stored goods that are supposed to last until they can emerge from their long sleep. The Hibernation diet works on the same principle, but don't worry, you do not have to go to sleep for four months to lose weight. You prepare during the day, and your body does the rest while you sleep each night. The right foods and the right amount of sleep are important on this diet.

Some diets want you to cut down on what you eat, which is always a good idea. This diet, however, asks you to add a few things that are going to be used to show your body that it needs to use what you have stored away. This is the principle in many diets but some fail miserably. Your body has stored energy in the form of fat, but it sometimes does not know how to use it, or refuses to use it. This diet should open that door so your body uses fat stores for energy so you can slim down.


Sugar (as produced by your body from foods) is what keeps you going each day. It also nourishes your brain. If you consume too much sugar your body stores the excess away as fat. If you have insulin resistance, your body stores away more body fat from the foods you eat than it should, which can lead to a lot of weight gain that is very difficult to control. The hibernation diet aims to get your sugar production and fat burning system working as it should be, and perhaps better than it should be to help you use what you make efficiently and then to use stored fat as well. Also, the sleeping brain that gets enough sugar at night regulates hormones as it should, which also helps you to lose weight.


If you do the Hibernation Diet, you are going to rely on special exercises and a supplement to your diet. The great thing about this supplement is that it is completely natural. The diet uses nature's own honey to help your body work as it should and to burn extra fat and calories while you are sleeping at night. Honey is the one natural form of sugar that is not manipulated in any way by humans before consumption – all we have to do is gather it from the bees. It also has vitamins and nutrients, unlike table sugar or high fructose corn syrup.


The Hibernation Diet is relatively simple and easy to follow, but any change in diet may cause problems of which you can not predict. It is always a great idea to get a routine physical and blood test before you start something new. This ensures you can exercise without restriction, or will help you with guidelines if you should need to take it easier than others. Also, because the Hibernation Diet requires the consumption of honey, particularly before bed, this diet may not be suitable for diabetics.


The cons to the Hibernation Diet lie with the lack of scientific evidence to support the claims that honey can be an effective weight loss aid. Since this diet also encourages healthy changes to your diet and increased physical activity, it would be difficult to prove that any weight lost was a result of the honey and not these other factors. Honey is, however, a natural source of the sleep drug L-tryptophan, so if anything you will sleep better when on the Hibernation Diet.

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