Jenny Craig Diet

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Lots of people know the popular Jenny Craig diet. They have franchise outlets in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and of course the US. Like Nutrisystem, the Jenny Craig diet is based on portion controlled meals, which is based on the USDA food pyramid dietary guidelines.


Jenny Craig is a calorie controlled weight loss program, where all of you meals are mailed to you. Its a really unique idea back when they started, that’s why they have stayed ahead of the competition. This program in meant for people who want to lose 3 pounds per week in average. The program also consist of you visiting a local Jenny Craig center for consulting and weigh-ins. Its also a good way to stay motivated.


The Jenny Craig diet is good, but it is a bit expensive. All of the meals must be from Jenny Craig and the food can really add up and leave a hole in your pocket. Like many other diet programs, Jenny Craig requires you to sign a contract which cost $199. One thing to point out is they like selling you lots of diet products like cooking books, pedometers and other things that are not necessary. So when they tell you about these products just say no.

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