Lindora Weight Loss Plan

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Lindora, a Southern California chain of diet centers, has been around since the early seventies. These centers are medically staffed for individualized supervision and support. Their ‘smart carb’ 45 day program called Lean for Life is another approach to a low carbohydrate, high protein diet comparable to the Atkins Diet. The aggressive restriction of carbohydrates to the body brings on ketosis or dehydration of the blood supply resulting in rapid weight loss equivalent to about 10% of your body weight in two weeks.


To help attain and maintain leanness, moderate exercise is strongly advocated with the optimal aim of being able to walk 3-5 miles a day. This program also strongly recommends supplements which are sold only by Lindora. It’s advised to take vitamins anyway to combat the fatigue brought on by this diet.


Medically based and clinically proven the Lindora Weight Loss Plan changes lifestyles and eating habits to achieve rapid drops in weight and addresses the specific health issues and concerns of the obese. On-line and telephone options also available. The cost is $150 USD.

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