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Probably one of the most difficult parts of dieting is having the proper food available to you during the day. We all know how easy it is to "fall off the diet wagon" when mid-day hunger hits and there isn't a healthy food option easily available. When this happens, it is much easier to choose a quick fix, such as fast-food or a vending maching, especially when time is limited. But now there is a weight loss tool that may be the answer to this dieting dilemma - STAX Food System.


What is the STAX System?

The STAX System is a unique weight loss program that combines your favorite diet plan with a means to have the healthy foods available to you at all times. STAX holds four daily meals in a climate-controlled cooler, that looks like a shoulder bag and is very inconspicuous. This cooler is specially made for the STAX containers, which are colour coded and portion controlled so there is no guess work about how much to eat. To top it all off, STAX also comes with a custom timer that keeps your meals, and your eating habits, on track all day.


The STAX System is a wonderful addition to any weight loss program. We like that dieters are finally being provided with a pratical way to stay with a diet, even during the day when healthier food options may be lacking. The STAX system doesn't appear to offer its own diet plan with menus and recipes. Instead it suggests that people use whatever daily or weekly diet plan menu they like, as long as it outlines combinations and portions of the three major nutrients: Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats.


Overall, the STAX System is a great tool for anyone on a weight loss program. Please visit the official website for STAX Food System at for more information. If you have tried the STAX System and would like to tell us about your experience, Join us in the Weight Loss Center Forum.

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