The Caveman Diet (Paleolithic Diet)

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This is the diet for meat lovers everywhere. The Caveman Diet, also referred to as the Paleolithic Diet, The Stone Age Diet and The Hunter-Gatherer Diet, is based on the eating habits of our ancient ancestors as far back as forty thousand years ago. In modern times scientists have found that among the worlds few remaining primitive tribes there is a low to nil incident rate of the diseases and medical conditions that are so prevalent in western society. The Caveman Diet is thus based on the wild plants and animals that were eaten by humans during evolution and include foods that were easily stored and transported, yet didn’t necessarily require cooking prior to ingestion.


Today, this meal plan encourages you to eat meat, fish and chicken (especially the organs to boost Omega 3 levels) and fruit, berries, nuts (excluding peanuts or cashews) and some but not all root vegetables (e.g. carrot, turnip). What you will not find on the menu are potatoes, beans and grains, which are all known to contain toxins or antinutrients never completely removed by cooking. Also not permitted are sugars, sodium, processed oils, or any dairy other than eggs.


Further information on this style of eating can be found on-line and a variety of books are available such as ‘Neanderthin’ by Ray Audette and ‘The Paleo Diet’ by Lauren Cordain.

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