The Fast Food Diet

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Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, author of ‘The Fast Food Diet” a six week guide to not only surviving life on primarily fast food but losing weight while doing it. He claims that it is possible on his plan to lose 100 pounds in one year. It’s all about choices. Dr. Sinatra advocates that carefully choosing the healthiest items from the menu (not including fried foods or sodas) to a maximum of 1500 calories daily in combination with walking a minimum of one mile per day is the recipe to successful weight loss.


The book has helpful suggestions covering a wide range of fast food restaurants with other sections on mall food courts, airports and convenience stores and includes a limited number of recipes that can be whipped up in fifteen minutes or less to encourage eating at home on the go. The main attraction to the fast food industry is that it is quick, convenient and inexpensive, all highly prized values in the fast paced throw away western society.


Dr. Sinatra’s guide will help you to decide on the best options for more well rounded dietary and nutritional choices while losing weight living mostly on fast foods. Food content information for many fast food chains and restaurant is available on-line at the ‘fast food nutrition facts explorer’ web-site.

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