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The Kimkins Diet | Reviews | Health

The Kimkins Diet

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Of all the diets and their claims to provide miraculous and beneficial results (or not), the Kimkins diet plan has been under the fire from negative publicity since it was created in 2000. Started by a woman looking for a diet to lose weight once and for all, the Kimkins diet is low carb and low calorie that is explained as a rapid weight loss program, as well as one designed to help individuals keep the weight off for life. Another controversial issue within the Kimkins diet program is that an individual is able to lose all of the necessary weight without any exercise. However, many individuals who tried the program became seriously sick, and the creator of the program was under investigation for fraud.

Based loosely on the Atkins Diet, the Kimkins plan is comprised of a diet of lean protein with extremely low servings of fats and carbs, and no fiber at all. While many participants of the Kimkins diet plan consume approximately 1,200 calories a day, a majority of the participants are consuming a dangerously low 500 calories per day, which is well below what is considered healthy nutritional limits. The Kimkins diet also makes the claim that an individual is able to lose all the weight they need without ever needing to exercise, which goes against what every nutritionist and health professional has said for decades about losing weight. While the creator is being investigated for fraud, it is safe to say that the lack of exercise combined with low caloric intake is not healthy for anyone desiring to lose weight in either short or long term.

Due to the extremely low amount of calories and lack of exercise, there are no pros to following this diet to either lose weight in a healthy manner or to become a healthier person. Since the diet was created, followers have gotten very sick on the program with a variety of illnesses including anorexia nervosa. The creator has no medical or nutritional knowledge to base her program on.

Cons of the program that are causing major health issues include: no exercise, using laxatives to keep the body regular, extremely low calorie intake each day as well as the lack of medical or nutritional experience of the creator of the plan on which to base the program. Some program participants have also experienced constant nausea, fainting, bone pain, hair loss, and constipation from the lack of nutrition on the Kimkins plan.

Nevertheless, for those curious about looking into the diet, Kimkins offers a lifetime membership for $60. However, individuals are reminded that there are many complaints and charges of fraud against the creator of this diet. Any diet that claims to help participants to lose weight by reducing calories to such drastic levels, eat nothing but lean proteins and no exercise, should not be an option for anyone needing to lose weight in a healthy manner and keep it off for good.

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