The Metabolic Diet

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There are two starting points of the Metabolic Diet, and which one to start at depends on the dieter. For those people who are confident that they can take on a low-carb lifestyle, they can start with the strict, low carb Assessment Phase. This phase lasts two to four weeks and allows you to quickly determine if you\'re an efficient fat user and can function on a strict low-carb diet. If you choose to continue, you will move to the low carb five day, two day phase shift regimen.


For people who don\'t feel they can jump right in to a low-carb diet, they can start by going on the Moderate Carb Phase of the Metabolic Diet. This phase starts off at about the 20-25 percent dietary carb level and as such gives people a mid point from which they can determine just how many carbs they need to function optimally.


The Metabolic Diet Food Guidelines

Figuring out what to eat is more of a problem for those on the strict low carb phase of the Metabolic Diet. The Metabolic offers the following food suggestions:


The Metabolic Diet Exercise Plan

The Metabolic Diet does not offer an exercise plan.


Cost - Metabolic Diet

At the time of this review, to have access to the Metabolic Diet Online Resources, you must purchase a yearly membership of $24.95 or purchase at least this amount in MD+ Supplements. The Metabolic Diet Book retails for about $37.98.

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