The Omega Diet

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The Omega Diet based on the traditional foods of the Mediterranean isle of Crete was published in 1999 by American pediatrician Dr. Artemis P. Simopoulos and co-authored by Jo Robinson, a Washington State investigative journalist and New York Times best selling author. The authors point out the deficits of omega-3 essential fatty acids and the excessive levels of omega-6 fatty acids in modern western diets. The omega-3 versus omega-6 ratio in North American diets ranges from 12:1 to 40:1 whereas the Omega Diet reduces the ration to 4:1.


Omega-3 fatty acids reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure there by greatly lowering the risks of heart disease (the number one killer of adults in North America) and cancer.


The Omega Diet plan is rich in fish oils, flaxseeds, vegetables, fruit and legumes with very little red meat, dairy products and other food stuffs containing fats and cholesterol. The book devotes one-half of its text to recipes, shopping and cooking. The Omega diet is primarily concerned with overall health rather than weight loss as exercise does not clear plaque from arteries. The only costs involved are the price of the book at approximately $14.95.

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