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Birth Control Options for Women with Severe PMS

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Since PMS has gotten so much attention in recent years, many doctors are trying to find the best birth control options to help manage related symptoms. Though not all birth control pills are made alike, they may offer some help to women who experience severe PMS. If you are a woman who suffers from severe PMS symptoms, then these birth control pills may be the best option to help you to get back to normal and ensure that the symptoms subside.



The first of its kind, this may be one of the best birth control options for women who suffer from terrible PMS symptoms. The reason why this works so well is that it controls the cycle and, therefore, only gives a woman four periods per year. Though this may be controversial in nature for some, it can be highly effective for women in this category. They have far fewer periods, which means that they suffer less overall from symptoms overall. Seasonale is well worth trying for women who have a hard time in dealing with their PMS symptoms.


What so many doctors like about this pill is that it’s lighter in nature and, therefore, easier on a woman. The composition of this pill also means that periods are lighter, shorter, and much less painful. Whatever symptoms a woman may be having, this makes for one of the best birth control options to help control PMS. The periods don’t last as long, and since these pills are also lighter, symptoms subside on their own. This is a great option to try and often a great introductory pill that a doctor may recommend.


This is a newer pill and does work as one of the best birth control options to manage PMS. With this pill a woman will not get a period; and though this is great news, it is also hotly debated. A woman will take the pill every single day of the year with no placebo pills. This means that it regulates her cycles so much that she will no longer have a period. While this is worth talking to a doctor about if your cycles or PMS are especially severe, be sure that it works for you as an individual, too. Always be certain that the benefits outweigh the risks!


You can also combine the right birth control with a PMS diet plan to further relieve symptoms.